White Bean Soup Burger

Warning – this burger contains gluten  and soy products 

This recipe was born when I decided to use up some leftovers, the white bean soup and some okara. I didn’t measure anything when I was making this recipe; the following is my best guess as to the amounts that I used. The #1 tip I will give you is that this must be stirred many times then let to rest and then stirred well again in order to develop the gluten that is essential to the texture and mouthfeel of this burger.







Heat oven to about 375° F

Cast Iron skillet

Put enough coconut oil in the skillet to have about 1/16″ of oil in pan and heat in oven while mixing the burger batter.

Burger Ingredient list:

2 cups white bean soup that was very thick, not much broth left

Okara (left) Soy Milk (right)

2 cups okara (okara is byproduct of making soy milk, it is the ground cooked beans that are left after squeezing all the milk out) I make my own soy milk so I always have okara, it freezes well.





1/2 cup Salsa Verde

2 tbsp liquid smoke

1/4 cup worcestershire (Martha Stewart’s vegan worcestershire sauce recipe)

1/8 cup coconut oil

1/8 cup vital wheat gluten

1/4 cup whole wheat flour

1/8 cup flax seed meal

1/8 cup nutritional yeast

2 tsp baking powder

2 whole wheat bread heels broke into small pieces (I freeze the heels to use in baking and for bread crumbs)

2/3 cup TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein)

1//4 sunflower seeds toasted and salted

You can add any seasoning you want to add, I didn’t add any because ingredients are well seasoned.

Burger batter ready to form into burgers.







Mix together white bean soup and okara with a potato masher, the type  of masher with small holes not tines, add Salsa Verde, liquid smoke, worcestershire sauce, and coconut oil to the bean mixture and mix very well. Now use a large spoon, mix the vital wheat gluten, whole wheat flour, flax seed meal, and baking powder together, then add to the bean mixture and stir well until completely mixed. Add the bread crumbs to mixture ad stir well. Add the TVP to mixture, stir very well. Add the sunflower seeds and stir very well to mix and to develop gluten. Set aside to let rest for about 10 minutes, the stir again, you should feel the texture is seizing up and getting denser as the gluten develops. 

Remove hot skillet from oven, form burger patties and place in skillet. I made mine about 3/4″ thick and 3-1/2″ diameter.

Place skillet in the oven and set timer for 16 minutes, don’t open oven during this time, let burger cook undisturbed. When time is up, flip burger, turn off the oven, return pan to oven and set timer for 16 more minutes. The burger will finish in oven using the residual heat.







When time is up, remove burgers from skillet and let rest about 20 minutes.







Some additional ingredients that I will try in future recipes are chopped mushrooms, either shiitake or portobella. Also I may try chopped turnip or beet root. I like to buy the dried turnip strips and reconstitute in vegetable stock, then chop fine. I haven’t found dried beet roots yet but I plan to look at my local oriental market the next time I go to Pensacola to shop. My favorite oriental market is Bien Dong in Pensacola Florida. 

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