Veggie Burger – black bean lentil curry and rice



1 cup cooked white long grain rice

1 cup black bean – lentil curry (I will post my own black bean lentil curry recipe soon)

1/8 cup flax seed meal (ground flax seed)

1/4 cup mock cheezy sauce (see recipe here: Mock Mac and Cheeze Recipe)

2 tbsp  vital wheat gluten

1/8 cup general purpose white flour

Season according to your own taste – I didn’t add any seasoning because the black bean lentil curry and the cheezy sauce is seasoned well enough that it seasons the burger once all ingredients are incorporated into the burger.

(left) smooth perforated masher (right) zig zag wire masher

In large mixing bowl add rice and black bean lentil curry and mash with the type of masher that has the small square holes, the smooth perforated masher not the zig zag wire masher. NOTE: don’t use food processor – if you don’t have the perforated smooth masher then use a fork.

Then spread out the mashed mixture with a spoon, make a thin layer around inside of the mixing bowl and sprinkle the vital wheat gluten and flour onto the mashed mixture and using back of spoon – mush the flours into the mash mixture, stir, mush, and use the masher then scrape off with spoon and keep mixing like this until mixed in well. Then use spoon to make a welled area in center of mixture by pushing the mash mixture away from center so that it encircles the empty spot referred to as a welled area. Then add the mock cheezy sauce in center and the flax seed meal. Stir the flax seed meal into the cheezy sauce stir with spoon until well blended. Then mix the mashed mixture with the cheezy sauce mixture using spoon and masher until completely blended together. Let sit about 10 minutes and then stir very well again. This helps the gluten activate and completely blend together in the mixture.

NOTE: it is the gluten that gives this burger the structure that it has so if you can’t have gluten then you are welcome to try non glutenous flours and let me know how that works out for you. I’d like to know but I don’t plan to try it on this recipe because there are many gluten free recipes that I like so I’m not up for trying to make this one gluten free. 

Form the burgers (see my note below on forming the burgers) and place on a hot cast iron griddle in the oven on bottom rack, using broiler instead of bottom burner, bake 15 minutes, then flip and turn off the oven, let sit another 15 minutes in the hot oven to finish browning and firming up the burger. This recipe makes 7 burgers at the size I made them.

NOTE: I formed the burgers by using a wide mouth metal canning ring with cap. I spread spoonful of the burger mixture into the lid and then flipped the ring with batter onto a hot cast iron griddle, then remove the ring and if the cap sticks to the burger take an offset frosting knife and slide the knife between the cap and the burger to release the cap then place cap back in ring and form next burger. 

Veggie Burger – black bean lentil curry and white rice. These are not only good with a meal, they are my new grab and go fast food! I will definitely make a bunch of these to have on hand. I plan to freeze one to see if they freeze well – I will let you know how that turns out for me.