Root Dogs

How to make Root Dogs

A large package of carrots.

Clean, pare, peel the carrots and simmer in the marinade until tender yet firm. You can also grill out on the barbecue for even better smoky taste.

Serve on bun of your choice and with condiments you like on hot dogs such as mustard, ketchup, chili, cheese, onions and relish. I make mine all plant based and non-dairy but if you don’t have a reason to follow non-dairy and plant based then you can add whatever condiments you like. You may like to try this non-dairy cheeze that I make.

The Marinade to simmer the root dog in is a sauce that you make by mixing ketchup, molasses, soy sauce, brown ale, liquid smoke, garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper.

The quantities of each ingredient is based on how many carrots you cook. Use your own judgement and taste preference to decide on the quantities of each ingredient.


Root Dog and Potato Chips

Chili Cheeze Root Dog with Onions and Pickled Banana Peppers