Meal in a Dip

original article was posted on my blog 3-12-17

You can have your dip and feel good about eating it too. This recipe that I engineered today Is so delicious and satisfying it will be a hit at any gathering. You don’t need to mention that it’s non-dairy, no cholesterol, low fat, and your vegan friends can eat it too. I ate it as a dip with my favorite chip as pictured below but it could also be a creamy salad dressing or even a topping on a baked potato, or on beans or even on your favorite soup. You will see by the recipe that this meal in a dip has protein and vegetables!

Meal in a Dip


Recipe is is as follows:


1 package of extra firm tofu – drain water by letting sit in a strainer – press to remove most of the packing water.

4 cups fresh baby spinach – cleaned and dry

6 green onions – clean and chop

1 avocado – remove peel and cut up and place in small bowl then add the lime juice, stir to coat avocado, and set aside

1 lime – juiced – about 1/8 cup – pour the lime juice over avocado as previously mentioned

1/8 cup raw unsweetened almond butter

Old Bay Seasoning – 2 tsp or to taste

nutritional yeast –  3 tbsp or to taste

Preparation steps:

  1. Add half the block of tofu, crumbled into the food processor, add the avocado, scrape bowl to get all the lime juice.
  2. Pulse processor and blend on low speed, scrape sides with spatula often until smooth.
  3. Add the spinach and green onions, repeat step 2.
  4. Add Old Bay and nutritional yeast and repeat step 2.
  5. Add almond butter, and repeat step 2.
  6. Add the rest of tofu crumbled, and repeat step 2.

Makes about 3 cups – serve with chips or as a dressing on salad, baked potato, pasta, or many other uses.

Meal in a Dip recipe makes about 3 cups

Meal in a dip is vegan friendly, non-dairy, no cholesterol, low fat and delicious!

Meal in a dip is creamy and delicious, yet vegan friendly!