Carrot and Turmeric Soup with Asparagus

This very flavorful soup can be varied to meet individual taste, so feel free to vary ingredients and methods of preparation. This is more of a guide to how I made this soup than a recipe. I’m not listing quantities, vary the quantity according to your own taste.


olive oil

fresh raw carrots (peeled – reserve peels for making vegetable stock)

vegetable broth (I make my own vegetable broth from all sorts of veggie scraps, especially celery including the leaves. I included all the carrot peels from making this recipe)

coconut milk

garlic (sliced thin)

fresh turmeric (grated)

fresh leeks (sliced)

fresh kale (chopped)

fresh asparagus (cut tips about 3″ and set aside to serve on top of soup) (chop ends that are tender, discard fibrous portion)

To prepare:

Boil the carrots until done – then place in blender with some of the vegetable broth and coconut milk – puree to the thickness desired, set aside.

In a black iron skillet, over low-medium heat, saute the garlic, kale, leeks, and turmeric, about 10 minutes, add some vegetable stock and simmer on low until tender, set aside.

Add part of this sauteed mixture to the pureed mixture in blender and puree. Taste and add salt or other seasoning desired. I didn’t use any seasonings because the sauteed veggies add all the seasoning needed. Pour the soup from blender into a saucepan and heat on low. Serve warm, ladle soup into bowl and add some of the sauteed mixture and top with the fresh asparagus tips. If you don’t like raw, you can pan grill first. Serve with nooch flakes or other soup toppings.



Pureed Carrot and Turmeric Soup