Briny Pastaless Minestrone Soup

A hearty nourishing soup that is tasty and could use up some of those leftovers that are living in the refrigerator. Click on picture for my recipe that I named Briny Pastaless Minestrone Soup and you can download it there. You can also scroll down and read on about the making of the soup, the ingredients, and find some references on brine and fermented veggies.

I cooked a pot of white beans from dried great northern beans that I soaked about 6 hours then strained off and rinsed well and then cooked in fresh water that I added olive oil at beginning of cooking but not salt, I salt the last few minutes of cooking while stirring well, and then let sit for about 15 minutes and stir well again. Here’s a tip for cooking creamy delicious beans, “don’t salt bean cooking water until beans are soft,” the beans will be creamier and will cook faster if no salt is added when cooking.

I didn’t have any fresh carrots but I had a jar of some carrots that I salt-brined months ago, hence the name of this recipe was born. I salt brine sliced carrots to preserve freshness and months later they are still crisp and fresh. I included garlic and hot pepper in the brine which makes the carrot very tasty. Vegetables that are salt brined properly undergo a process known as lacto-fermentation that results in vegetables that have increased nutrients, that aid digestion, and impart probiotics when eaten raw, so snack on some raw while you are making this recipe.


To salt-pickle vegetables make a brine solution of about 5% salt. Use kosher coarse salt.



For more information on making salt-brined vegetables scroll to bottom of this article for some reference websites.


Saute of radish stems and tops, also the salt-brined carrots.

Saute with the rest of the veggies
















Simmering soup with beans and water added.








Briny Pastaless Minestrone Soup

1 tbsp Olive oil
3 cups chopped Radish tops and stems (greens and stems of the radish)
½ cup chopped Brined Carrots (salt brined carrots that are brined with garlic and hot pepper)
¼ cup chopped Leeks
¼ cup chopped Onion
¼ cup chopped Tomato
1 cup sliced Celery
2 medium sized Zucchini (sliced in half longwise in half, and then slice each half about ¾” thick)
1-1/2 cups White Beans (homecooked great northern beans cooked with salt and olive oil)
1 tbsp Oregano
1 tsp Old Bay
Hot Water (About 3 cups of water heated on stove – you may not use all of the water depends on taste)
How to cook the soup:
Sautee all the vegetable in olive oil over slow low heat about 10 minutes, covered, stirring often, then add the seasonings, cover, let simmer about 5 more minutes, add about 1 cup of the hot water and stir, let simmer about 5 minutes, add the cooked white beans and stir in well, cover and let simmer about 5 minutes, add more hot water to the desired soup consistency.


This book, Fermentation for Beginners Fermentation for Beginners is a wonderfully simplistic back to basics recipe book on preserving food the way our forefathers did it!

Book Review that I did on this book






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