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I made this page to add to Recipes – the original post was posted on my blog on 6-4-16

I started two batches of kombucha on May 26th. One black tea and one green tea. It’s been awhile since I made my homemade kombucha. Are you wondering “What in the  World is Ginger Bug?”

Black Tea Kombucha on left, Green Tea Kombucha on right, both started May 26th 2016. The containers are 2 gallon vessels so I used two Scobys in each jar.

Today (June 4) is 8 days since I started the kombucha batches. I started a batch of ginger bug today. In about a week it will be ready and I will use it to flavor some of my kombucha after I remove the SCOBYs. I will probably use one gallon of the black tea to make the gingerade kombucha.


You can see the new SCOBY forming on top of tea, it is looking good at only 8 days old. I like to drink my kombucha plain when it reaches about 15 days to 20 days old I will bottle and refrigerate the kombucha. If I flavor it as I'm going to do with the ginger bug then it goes to a second stage of fermentation with the ginger bug for about 3 more days before drinking or bottling. Each time I make kombucha the process makes a new SCOBY plus I still have the mother SCOBY, so I keep them in a container I call the SCOBY Hotel. Some of my older SCOBYs in the SCOBY Hotel have had multiple babies while sitting in the SCOBY hotel waiting to make new batches of kombucha. I give them all a white vinegar bath periodically and make sure all are healthy and happy. I need to find good homes for some of them where they can be productive and happy making a new  SCOBY family while making kombucha for their new family members. The last time I gave away some of my SCOBYs was when I helped Pat Johnson with the #fermenting class he did at #Ever'man #Cooperative in #Pensacola #Florida. I'm thinking about doing a class on making kombucha and ginger bug sodas.

[update 12-8-16]

You will find the complete recipe with instructions for ginger starter (ginger bug) and how to make old fashioned sodas from the ginger starter; there is a link to a PDF that you can download PDF click Ginger Soda Recipe HERE

You will develop your own variation of kombucha recipe.

My recipe is as follows:

To download this recipe as a PDF click Kombucha Recipe HERE

To make a 2 gallon jar:

4 cups spring water bring to boil, add 24 tea bags (1 tea bag = 1 tsp, 1/2 cup)  (plain black tea,) remove from heat, let steep 30 minutes, remove tea bags, add 2 cups sugar stir until dissolved. Let cool to room temperature, safe to do at about 90 F. Too hot a water will kill the probiotics and the SCOBY.  Pour into the clean, sterilized 2 gallon jar, add 4 cups kombucha (reserved from last batch, or buy raw organic kombucha at room temperature, or you can use apple cider vinegar,) and fill jar with spring water leaving a few inches of head room, stir well, then add the SCOBY, cover top with lid or tightly woven fabric secured with rubber band, drape kitchen towel over jar and keep in warm ( 75 to 80 F) place undisturbed for about 2 weeks. I keep on kitchen counter, I use a jar with spigot at bottom so I can taste periodically without disturbing the new SCOBY which will have formed on top. The spigot also makes it easy to bottle the kombucha.

2nd ferment to make ginger kombucha:




References for Recipes for Kombucha:

PLEASE NOTE AS OF JANUARY 13, 2018 – 2 of the videos on playlist I made have went private. I can’t find their Facebook Channel either. They were such a nice couple who had made videos on how they make kombucha. I will keep looking but I have a feeling they may have closed their channel because there were many trolls making rude comments on their videos and maybe they got tired of dealing with that harrassment.

Playlist I made of videos that I learned from when I started making kombucha: KombuchaSCOBY_playlist