Calorie Count Closing

By: Maggie Atherton Leiterman

UPDATE: 3-11-17 – The CalorieCount links mentioned in this article will be removed soon because Calorie Count is shutting down their website. I am in the process of following their procedure to export all my records so that I can transfer to another program they recommended. I have been a Calorie Count member for over 10 years and I have many recipes that I developed over the years that are stored so I will be very anxious to see this export data when they send me the link to access it.

UPDATE: 7-23-17 – This recipe analyzer is AWESOME! I am going to use it to analyze and make nutritional label for all my recipes!  Verywell Recipe Nutrition Analyzer

Alas Calorie Count is but a memory.

My Calorie Count profile read:

I am on a journey to eating my way to good health, to exercise daily, and to lose weight to reach my goals. My journey is more than dieting to lose weight, this journey is a new way of living that is changing my life for the rest of my life. This new way of eating will be my new normal and once I have achieved my goal I will again enjoy some of the other foods and drinks that used to be my old normal, but only occasionally and in strict moderation.

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