Pet Rescue – Red Eared Slider Turtle

I am writing this June 17, 2017
I was lucky to catch this picture of him eating – so cute – huh?

Mr Turtle – Red Eared Slider Turtle – May 2017

I live in northwest Florida, USA – near Pensacola. I rescued this turtle in April 2017 when I found him abandoned in a building on my property. I joined some online turtle groups to learn about how to take care of him and to try to find him a forever home. I have learned through one of these groups that in Florida this breed of turtle is a conditional species non native and you must have a permit in order to have this turtle with some exceptions which are if you had the turtle prior to July 1, 2007. So now I think I need to find someone with a permit in order to get this turtle a new home. FWC Regulations  and FWC permit

I rescued this red eared slider that was held captive in an aquarium all it’s life, I think he is about 10 years old. I call him Mr Turtle. I am fostering Mr Turtle and actively seeking a new home where he can be in an outdoor protected habitat with others of his kind. I have made a temporary habitat in a clear plastic container larger than that aquarium that he was abandoned in. He pooped out those aquarium rocks for over a month! I have two of these plastic containers and I alternate every few days so I can clean out the dirty one and was shocked the first time I dumped the container to clean it and found several of the aquarium blue rocks! The poor critter was probably eating rocks trying to find food in that aquarium I found him in. They left him in a building without telling anyone – they left April 18, 2017 – I found him 11 days (April 29, 2017) after they had left him! I have contacted many local rescue groups and been joining online groups hoping to find someone in my area that has outdoor habitat for their turtles who might give Mr Turtle a good home, and where I can go see him and be sure he is being cared for properly.
I worry that at his age, and being a captive who has been living without other turtles, maybe he wouldn’t be able to adapt to an environment with several turtles. He is considered an invasive species here in my area but I read their native habitat is Mississippi and parts of Alabama. I wish I could set him free up in his native habitat but I wouldn’t do it because he has been living as a captive all his life so he wouldn’t survive being in the wild.
If you read this and can offer a solution please contact me.
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Kombucha Sourdough Starter

I wrote a post in April about making sourdough starter from my harvested kombucha yeast. I said I would post after I made the bread but I didn’t. I have made three batches of bread and two batches of pancakes since I wrote that post in April.  The first bread I made was a rock. The second batch was good, much better but still heavy, the third batch was the charm – as they say. I made up my own recipe for the third batch and it was excellent! The best part is it was enough for two loaves so I made one loaf and froze the other. I did it as an experiment to see if it will freeze and then bake up as good as the first loaf. The pancakes that I wrote about in the post in April were excellent and the second batch was even better, they freeze well.

To make the starter you just drain off sediment that is in bottom of jar and some kombucha – if you have 1 cup liquid use 1 cup flour. Pour mixture into jar and cover with woven cotton cloth, not cheese cloth because weave is too loose – gnats will crawl through loosely woven fabric- use tightly woven cotton fabric. Let set on kitchen counter about 24 hours – depends on temperature of kitchen. It will be bubbling. It is ready for using but will be even better if you use it for your mother and keep adding liquid and flour each day for several days. That way you can take some for recipe and still have the mother. If I’m not going to use it for a few days I put a lid on it tightly and refrigerate jar. When refrigerated you are “supposed to be able to” feed only once a week. I forgot to feed my starter that I had been using and feeding for several months but I forgot and on the 8th day I decided to take it out of refrigerator and let it get going again so I fed it, then waited a few hour – nothing was going on – I fed again and waited – by the next day I realized it was dead so I had to start over again with new kombucha harvested yeast and kombucha.

The pancake recipe:

Kombucha Sourdough Hotcakes

The night before you want to make these pancakes

Mix 1 cup of active sourdough starter (not cold from refrigerator – take out a couple day before you will use it and feed it twice a day so that it is very active,) 2 cups warm spring or filtered water, 2-1/2 cups flour (I used mixture of white and wholewheat flour,) 2 tbsp sugar, stir all together until smooth, cover and leave on counter top over night.  The next morning it should be actively bubbling.

Next morning:

Mix together 2 tbsp ground flax seeds, 6 tbsp warm water, 2 tbsp oil (I use olive oil but you could use any oil you like taste of) 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp baking soda. Then add to your bubbling starter mixture and stir well and then let this pancake batter sit for about 10 minutes, heat griddle and stir the batter once again, then drop spoonfuls of the batter onto hot griddle at a size you like. Leave about 3 minutes or until golden brown, flip, then let cook about 3 minutes or until golden brown, and remove to a warming pan. This recipe makes about 20 to 25 griddle cakes that are about 4″ to 5″ diameter. These freeze extremely well but be sure they are completely cool before freezing otherwise ice crystals may form.

The bread recipe – 3rd time is the charm recipe

2-1/2 cups active kombucha starter

1 cup filtered/spring water

1 Tbsp active dry yeast

3 Tbsp olive oil

4 cups flour

1 Tbsp kosher coarse salt

In a bowl mix flour and salt set aside. Warm the water to about 95 F and add active dry yeast – set aside. I a bowl add the starter and the water with active dry yeast and olive oil, stir, add flour mixture a little at a time, bring dough together and knead. Place in greased bowl, place in the oven (oven is off and cold) on top shelf, on bottom shelf put a pan of steaming hot water and close the oven door. Let dough rise for about 1 hour, it should be double in size.  The punch down, knead, and place in pan that it will be baked in, let rise until double again. Bake in 350 F oven with the water pan in oven for about 40 minutes, check to be sure of the internal temperature is between 190 F and 210 F

I also found by experimenting that I can let it set out on counter for first rise, it takes longer – it took about 6 hours – I had on counter top in a bowl covered by another bowl large enough that it won’t touch when is raises. Then when it was doubled I knocked down, kneaded, divided into two loaves and froze it. Then when I want to bake a loaf I take it out of freezer, remove from plastic bag, place in greased glass loaf pan, cover with a container large enough to cover without it touching when it doubles. It take about 6 hours to thaw and raise double – maybe longer depending on room temperature – then bake in hot oven until internal temperature is about 210 F.

Home Hosted Kombucha Party – And other fermented drinks and food

Learn to make kombucha and other fermented drinks and foods.

Host a kombucha party at your home, invite your friends to learn how to make kombucha and other fermented drinks and food.

Please note that if you know how to make kombucha and just want a SCOBY I usually have plenty in SCOBY hotels waiting for a new home, so just ask. 

Call or message me for more information on how to host a party.

Home Hosted Kombucha Party

Host a Home Kombucha Party










Cinco de Mayo Black Bean Oat Burgers

Cinco de Mayo Burger

Cinco de Mayo Burger




1 TBSP ground flax

½ cup TVP

1 tbsp vital wheat gluten

1 cup of the black bean liquid from cooking pot

3 tbsp vegan Worcestershire sauce ( )

2 tbsp olive oil

Mix the above ingredients, set aside.

Then mix together the following ingredients until mixed well.

3 cups mashed cooked black beans

1 cup pureed baked butternut squash

½ cup finely chopped walnuts

1 tbsp minced dried onion

1 tbsp Old Bay Seasoning

1 tsp garlic powder

¼ cup dried shitake bits and powder

1 grated fresh carrot

4 chopped fresh scallions

¼ cup chopped fresh chives

¼ cup salsa verde

1 tbsp cilantro ( omit if you don’t like cilantro )

Then add the first mixture into the 2nd mixture, mix well together.

Then add the last ingredient, 1.5 cups old-fashioned rolled oats [not instant]

Mix all well and cover, refrigerate for about 1 hour, then remix and let set another hour.

This will keep in refrigerator for several days and it freezes well too.

Then form into patties for burgers and pan grill or bake with a little oil on both sides.

It also makes great breakfast patties or scramble for tacos, burritos, or other such dishes.

Sourdough Bread from Harvested Kombucha Yeast

A couple months ago I decided to try harvesting yeast from my kombucha vessel to make sourdough bread.

I made the starter but instead of making the bread I made sourdough pancakes – AWESOME pancakes!  







They were so good that I froze them individually and I ate them only on Sunday mornings until they ran out.

So now that I just bottled a batch of kombucha and am ready to make another batch I decided to clean out the vessel and harvest the yeast. I brew in 2 gallon glass vessel with dispensing spigot. I’ve made about three batches of kombucha since I last cleaned out the vessel, so that’s what I did this afternoon and the sourdough starter is already bubbly. I will post again after I make the bread.




NEW! Maggie is now offering kits

It takes me awhile to get around to doing some things and this was one of those things. Someone, years ago, suggested that I offer kits in my ETSY shop. I have thought about offering kits but just never followed through with cultivating the idea until now. I currently have four kits that I offer. I would be glad to put together a kit for any of the other items in my shop or even an idea in your imagination if you want to buy it, so never hesitate to ask me if I can make a custom kit for you, I would be glad to!

Read all the details for each kit, see the links to listing in my ETSY shop below.

Kit for 32 oz or 64 oz Growler Tote

Kit for Patchwork Coffee Bag Purse *** this one includes two tutorials

Kit for 5-Panel Tote with Line and Pocket

Kit for Hamper 

And I am in the process of producing a new tutorial for my most popular tote, the 5- panel unlined tote, I will use the bull feedbag tote as the star of the show.

5-Panel Unlined Bull Feedbag Tote – Click on Picture to see the one I sell Made to Order in my ETSY shop

I will also soon have kits with tutorial available for the recycle bins that I make, so visit often!

Single Layer Recycle Bins, click on picture to see the ones I sell in my shop Made to Order.


Double layer (lined) Recycle bin with Appliqued Letters. Click on picture to see the one I make in my ETSY shop as Made to Order item. I have not made a tutorial for the lined appliqued recycle bin yet, it is on my “To Do” list. Once I make the tutorial then I will make a kit to offer in my ETSY shop.




























If you have any question before or after you purchase kit please contact me with the Etsy Conversation feature. I also invite you to visit my website for other information including contact information,
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Recycle and Win

I have posted new information on my website about a promotion that I am starting to encourage recycling; you can win a gift.

There are some feed bags that are more popular than other bags such as the Tucker Goat Feed Bags that qualify to win a gift. For every 10 Tucker Goat Feed Bags that you recycle with me you will receive one of the totes I make from those bags. See the tote in my Etsy Store Here: Maggie’s Etsy Shop Goat Feed Tote

 The feed bags must be empty with no animal excrement or mold inside or outside of the bag. 


 If you have other feed bags or coffee bags that you want to recycle, contact me to see if they qualify for any similar chance to win a tote, or if you want to have a tote made contact me for a price, if you want to make your own I also sell pattern tutorials in my Craftsy Tutorial Shop

ALSO I do other sewing for a fee: 

SEW – MEND – limited ALTERATIONS and Home Decor Projects 

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