My Journey through the Wondrous World of Plant Based Eating – update June 2017

I always have enjoyed vegetables, grains, and fruits but the animal protein was usually the focus of the meals. I have been exploring the wondrous world of plant based eating. In 2015 and 2016 vascular blockage surgeries gave me an incentive to upgrade to plant based eating but I don’t think I was as serious as I should have been until the summer of 2016 when a gastrointestinal emergency involving internal bleeding sent me to emergency at hospital. It was then I did get very serious about the food and drinks I was putting in my gut. I know that any change I try to make in my life has to be in little steps over time which leads to a lifestyle change and then before I know it my new way of living seems normal because a little change over time doesn’t seem like a change at all.


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My Journey through the Wondrous World of Plant Based Eating 

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