Pictures taken April 29, 2017


This page is pictures taken April 29, 2017 inside the old house building.

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On April 29 I decided to climb ladder to try to go inside window because I was smelling bad smells around house. My key don’t work for door because J.M. changed lock!  When I opened window and looked inside I saw the big turtle floating in aquarium! I thought maybe it was dead and that was the bad smell. I climbed inside and opened doors to air out the house. The turtle was alive and I fed him some of the food that was left on top of aquarium. He was ravenous! He was trying to climb up the side of aquarium looking at me like he wants me to take him out of aquarium. The aquarium looks clean and there is more turtle food underneath in cabinet along with what looks like parts for aquarium. The aquarium didn’t appear to be the source of the bad smells. But now that makes two of J.M.’s pets I am caring for. I’ve had Tango the dog at my house since March 6, 2017 when I found Tango tied in front yard of the old house lot, he had been there all day with no shelter and no water. I had heard Tango barking earlier in day but J.M. had a large wooden fence and gate up at that time and I couldn’t see Tango, but later in day when he sounded like he was strangling I went to look, I saw the bowls in yard sitting upright coated with dust so I know there couldn’t have been water in the bowl recently. I sent a text message to J.M. and told him about no water.  I had told J.M. repeatedly not to tie Tango outside nor anywhere on my property. Tango could have been inside the old house roaming free with water or in my fenced yard. I took Tango to my yard and gave him water and some dog food. I was outside on porch working when J.M. drove up to the yard, I yelled hello and Tango barked at him but J.M. looked at me, he looked at Tango, and then turned away and went to the old house. I have been a dog sitter for J.M. since 2014, J.M. travels extensively for his job. I reckon J.M. didn’t want to ask me to care for the animals because he don’t want to be beholding to me for anymore favors; hindsight tells me that he was probably already dismantling interior of the house because he got the POD about the same time that he informed me that he had someone to look after Tango and I didn’t need to any longer. I realize now that he didn’t want me trying to put Tango in the house or get him out of house. That is what I used to do when J.M. was out of town, I would unlock front door of old house and get Tango, take him to my yard where he had food and water during the day, then at night I would put him back inside the old house at night and Tango was the guard dog there at night. J.M. knows I would care for the animals if no one was around to do it but he should have asked me because leaving them without any mention to me is same as abandonment by my way of thinking, and that turtle could have died if I wouldn’t have climbed into the window and found it. I never charged J.M. for pet sitting but I did require that Tango have Trifexis which J.M. reimbursed me for as well as for dog food. I been paying for Tango’s stuff since March 6 yet no one has sent money to reimburse me.

The pictures I took on April 29, 2017 are below, scroll down to them all, the video I took that day is embedded below also.

I found out later that those food boxes on floor were full of putrid remnants of food and millions of tiny maggots! That is part of the vile smell in the house but even after I cleared that away there is still really bad smells inside and outside.

I am not sure what the bad odor is, maybe combination of things in closed up house. As I write this post I am now thinking that perhaps it is the open sewer pipes left uncapped after they removed the sinks and water traps.