Mr Turtle

[update June 22, 2017]

Here is an update posted on my blog Pet Rescue – Red Eared Slider


I’m creating this page and writing this May 29, 2017, it’s been close to 5 weeks since I rescued Mr Turtle. I have learned a lot about him and turtles in general since the day I discovered he had been abandoned in the old house building. I discovered him on April 29, 2017. I have learned a lot from internet research and groups that I joined online. I know he is a male red eared slider pond turtle. I learned he is considered invasive in my area. I thought about taking him to his natural habitat to set him free but since he has been a captive animal for so many years I don’t know if he would have much of a chance to survive on his own. I am currently keeping him in some water containers at my house. I bring him inside at night then outside during day. I’ve been researching outside habitats for aquatic turtles because I want for him to have a better life. I feel sorry for him having been a captive forced to live in small aquarium all alone. I want to see him be able to be with others of his own kind. This is a journey that I’m documenting with pictures and notes. Below scroll down to see pictures, I will continue to add pictures and notes. If you are reading this and have an outdoor turtle habitat in the Santa Rosa County Florida area, and if you are willing to share your ideas and perhaps let us visit in person, I’d love to hear from you. I really would like to find him a forever home where he can live a protected natural style life in an outdoor habitat, not in an aquarium.

Mr Turtle when I found him abandoned in the old house building. The people left on April 18, 2017. They had changed locks so I couldn’t get in, when they didn’t return by April 29, 2017 I climbed a ladder, pried up a window, and climbed into the building, that’s when I found the turtle in an aquarium. Thankfully they left some food for the turtle.

Mr Turtle at my house in his temporary quarters. I was taking pictures while I fed Mr Turtle on May 26 what a big mouth that little guy has!

Mr Turtle May 28, 2017 at my house in his temporary quarters.

Mr Turtle on his floating sunning platform. May 26, 2017 in his temporary quarters at my house.

I will add more pictures on this page later but in the meantime you can see an album I have HERE.