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Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the 2017 holiday season!

Most of my “Made to Order” items take 2-3 weeks to process so today is the last day to order for Christmas delivery 2017 – I must receive order by end of day today in order to process order and mail it in time to arrive by Christmas 2017. I’m offering FREE SHIPPING today – Small Business Saturday.

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NEW! Maggie is now offering kits

It takes me awhile to get around to doing some things and this was one of those things. Someone, years ago, suggested that I offer kits in my ETSY shop. I have thought about offering kits but just never followed through with cultivating the idea until now. I currently have four kits that I offer. I would be glad to put together a kit for any of the other items in my shop or even an idea in your imagination if you want to buy it, so never hesitate to ask me if I can make a custom kit for you, I would be glad to!

Read all the details for each kit, see the links to listing in my ETSY shop below.

Kit for 32 oz or 64 oz Growler Tote

Kit for Patchwork Coffee Bag Purse *** this one includes two tutorials

Kit for 5-Panel Tote with Line and Pocket

Kit for Hamper 

And I am in the process of producing a new tutorial for my most popular tote, the 5- panel unlined tote, I will use the bull feedbag tote as the star of the show.

5-Panel Unlined Bull Feedbag Tote – Click on Picture to see the one I sell Made to Order in my ETSY shop

I will also soon have kits with tutorial available for the recycle bins that I make, so visit often!

Single Layer Recycle Bins, click on picture to see the ones I sell in my shop Made to Order.


Double layer (lined) Recycle bin with Appliqued Letters. Click on picture to see the one I make in my ETSY shop as Made to Order item. I have not made a tutorial for the lined appliqued recycle bin yet, it is on my “To Do” list. Once I make the tutorial then I will make a kit to offer in my ETSY shop.




























If you have any question before or after you purchase kit please contact me with the Etsy Conversation feature. I also invite you to visit my website for other information including contact information,
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Recycle and Win

I have posted new information on my website about a promotion that I am starting to encourage recycling; you can win a gift.

There are some feed bags that are more popular than other bags such as the Tucker Goat Feed Bags that qualify to win a gift. For every 10 Tucker Goat Feed Bags that you recycle with me you will receive one of the totes I make from those bags. See the tote in my Etsy Store Here: Maggie’s Etsy Shop Goat Feed Tote

 The feed bags must be empty with no animal excrement or mold inside or outside of the bag. 


 If you have other feed bags or coffee bags that you want to recycle, contact me to see if they qualify for any similar chance to win a tote, or if you want to have a tote made contact me for a price, if you want to make your own I also sell pattern tutorials in my Craftsy Tutorial Shop

ALSO I do other sewing for a fee: 

SEW – MEND – limited ALTERATIONS and Home Decor Projects 

Contact me by email at

Fax to 877-272-0446

Contact me by text at 850-816-8674

Contact me leave voice message at 850-816-8674


Custom Sewing – Made to Order

Hemming, Mending, Limited Alterations.

Pickup and Delivery Service Available in some areas.


Local to Pensacola metropolitan area, specifically southeast of Milton.

Custom Sewing, Made to Order, Hemming, Mending and more











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I also want to share a project I’m working on for my granddaughter. I’m making this quilt for her. I’m getting close to finishing the freemotion quilting and I’ll post more pictures after I finish.

Quilt for Rabeka

Quilt for Rabeka



October Specials

Special – go to my shop and if you buy 3 or more tutorials get a discount by contacting me on Etsy and tell me you saw this post on my Blog.
Buy online and receive instant download! I show how to make your own totes and other items from recycled material. Each tutorial has a section that gives information on how to process recycled materials as well as how to design, layout, cutout, and construct the items.

I recycle feed bags, coffee bags and other materials, process the raw material and reuse it by giving it a new purpose in life such as totes, recycle bins, hampers, rugs and many other utilitarian items.

I have custom made-to-order items listed in my “Etsy Shop,” and that means, you order and then I make it. The pictures in the listings are prior custom orders and shown only for example. I rarely have any “ready made” items for sale because I make everything custom or made to order. Click on picture below to check out details and pricing.

Custom made totes, handbags and other items made from recycled, upcycled materials. Closure at top, sew-on hook and loop closure.

This is a custom made totes to a dog owner who wanted a travel bag for their dog. I also make handbags and other items made from recycled, upcycled materials. Closure at top, sew-on hook and loop closure.

Popular items are the Custom Ordered Recycle Bins


This custom made recycle bin dimensions will be approximately 18″ tall, 14″ wide, 7″ deep. You may vary the sie when ordering. If you want the appliqued lettering other than RECYCLE, please specify other wording, such as GLASS, PLASTIC, CARDBOARD, LAUNDRY, YOUR WORDING, when ordering. Choice of colors of lettering is an option too, please state preference when ordering. Appliqued lettering is made from various colorful materials, such as coffee bags, and feed bags.

The hamper will be double layered and all seams are zigzag stitched. This custom made laundry bin dimensions are approximately 18″ tall, 14″ wide, 12″ deep. Handles are the built in finger tucks on sides of the top band. There is no lid on this hamper. All seams are turn inside the layers so that they are hidden. You may vary size and the wording when ordering.

Growler Totes are to carry your container to be refilled with craft beer or to bring your own brew or wine to a party. The lining helps retain temperature of the beverage longer.

Growler Totes

Growler Totes – This listing is for one 64oz Growler tote that will be similar to the ones shown. I collect and process used grain bags from local breweries.

This listing is for one double 32oz Growler tote that will be similar to the ones shown. I collect and process used grain bags from local breweries.

This listing is for one double 32oz Growler tote that will be similar to the ones shown. I collect and process used grain bags from local breweries.


1. All recycled bags are completely processed by either pulling apart the glued seam, or by cutting a new opening along the side of the bag so that the bag can lay open flat for washing.
2. All bags are opened flat and scrubbed with cleaning and disinfecting solutions on both sides of the bag. Some bags require soaking to disinfectant and remove stains, That is done in a large plastic container when the bags are submersed in a disinfecting solution of chlorine water.
3. Washed bags are hung on line to dry, once dry the bags are ready to be cut-out for sewing just as any other material.
4. All totes and other items are constructed with great care for durability as well as aesthetics!

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I listed the – made to order –  32 oz double growler tote and 64 oz tote in my Etsy shop. Click on picture below to link to the listing. You can order online or if you are in Pensacola, Florida stop by Pensacola Bay Brewery, they carry my totes in their gift shop! You can fill up your Growlers and have a tote to carry it home in. My favorite is their amber ale, Riptide. They also sell bottled beers by the six pack now! WhooHoo! I think I need to design a new tote for those six-packs!

64 oz Growler Tote

32 oz double Growler Tote

Recycle Bin Single Layer Tutorial

This tutorial is 9 pages with many pictures throughout the tutorial showing how to make the recycle bin. A couple of those pages show how to clean, and process the recycled material. The pictures are ones I took while I made the recycle bins for customers.

I made this tutorial to show how to make the recycle bins that I make and sell in my other Etsy shop. You can see the ones I sell in my shop here:

I make these recycle bins from recycled coffee bags. I explain how to collect, clean and process these bags. You can also use this pattern to make the recycle bin from other materials.

It’s OK with me if you sell the recycle bins you make but please do not share or sell my tutorial.

If you want to make your own I have the pattern tutorial in my Etsy Tutorial shop and in my Craftsy shop too.


Recycle Bin Single Layer

My Craftsy Pattern Shop 

I have listed these tutorials in my Craftsy Pattern Store also. It is an instant download in PDF format. If you can’t find this tutorial in my Craftsy shop please try back again later, it sometimes takes a day for Craftsy to process the posting.

If you don’t like sewing, or if you don’t sew, but would like these or other totes made from recycled grain bags, feed bags, or other materials that I recycle, I have another Etsy shop where I sell the upcycled totes that I make from many different materials that I recycle. Visit my other shop at


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