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I volunteer at several local organizations where I serve on committees, participate in projects, and teach. I have many hobbies; weaving textiles, homebrewing, and gardening are my three favorite hobbies.

Happenings in 2018

I am on a journey – living life – with an ever changing landscape!

When I was working for a living, my craft was installing ceramic tile and marble. I worked for companies that did commercial work such as hotels, resorts, shopping malls, and hospitals. I worked as an installer for many years and eventually worked my way into an office job with the title Project Manager. I didn’t have much time for hobbies back then but since I retired I have found many hobbies to keep myself productive and creative. I also enjoy cooking and making drinks; I make home-brewed fermented beverages, and culture fermented veggies.

I love to do all sort of fiber arts, especially to weave textiles, knit, and crochet; I also enjoy sewing but that seems more like work due to the storefront and local customers. I took a basket weaving class last year and I definitely want to do more basket weaving!  Actually I love doing most all types of handcrafts! I also like to garden in containers and in raised beds. I like making garden yard art. I also make glass pieces using copper foil and solder. I enjoy drawing and painting, I tried air brush years ago and I still have my equipment but that is one craft I can’t say I care much for but if I got it out and tried again I might like it. I love all hand crafting of all sorts, and especially of traditional skills that are becoming a lost art! For me, it is intrinsic for a feeling of well being to make things with my hands. I believe it is vital to our civilization that we keep the traditions of handcrafting in our everyday lives. I am a sustainable living advocate, preservationist of all things homestead, old ways, and handmade, but I do enjoy the modern world, and I believe both worlds can meld into a wonderful coexistence using modern technology to enhance our knowledge and make labor intensive chores faster and more pleasant. Our traditional handcrafts can be enjoyed as a hobby now instead of a household drudgery that it may have been for some in years gone by. A handmade rug, made from all those discarded t-shirts can be enjoyable to make as well as be useful as a bathmat in the shower area or at the mudroom door. A shopping tote made from discarded feed bags can make wonderful durable easy to clean carryalls on market day. A hand knit or crochet pair of socks, slippers, hat, or maybe a lap throw, is a unique and priceless gift to make and to receive. I love all Handcrafting and think of myself as an Artisan and Craftsman. I love giving a new life to items that have outlived their usefulness as their original purpose, such as the broom and mop handles that are now my Backstrap and Inkle Looms.

My online store is back from holiday, I reopened it a couple weeks ago. I was not on holiday, but I do hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season! I am excited to announce that I have plans to open a new online store in addition to the ones I already have. My tutorial shops didn’t close for the holidays because they are both self serve and all the tutorials are electronic instant downloads. As you may know, I opened the Up-Cycle store in 2011 in the Etsy Marketplace. I will continue making the same items I’ve been making for that storefront. The NEW storefront will have totes but the totes in that storefront will be predominantly made from new fabric, and many will be designed for the fiber artist, including the knitter, crocheter, weaver, spinner, felter, and dyer. I may use some fabric that had a previous life, such as a jean pocket sewn on to a tote for a cute tote pocket. I may also use T-shirts with graphics to make a unique applique to go on a tote. I may make bed comforters from T-shirt graphics that my customers send to me to make a custom comforter or other item for them. I have an opportunity to open in a new online marketplace, Fibercrafty Marketplace. Fibercrafty Marketplace is specifically for fiber artists.

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Closed for Season

Maggie’s Corner online Etsy shop is closed for the season, see you next year, re-opening again in the January of the New Year. Happy Holidays to all! If you have an order processing, don’t worry I am still working to complete the orders that are already in. If you have questions about previous orders or orders for after the holidays please feel free to write me or call me. 

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Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the 2017 holiday season!

Most of my “Made to Order” items take 2-3 weeks to process so today is the last day to order for Christmas delivery 2017 – I must receive order by end of day today in order to process order and mail it in time to arrive by Christmas 2017. I’m offering FREE SHIPPING today – Small Business Saturday.

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Protein Sources for Plant Based Eating – plus some fiber information

I posted this food picture on social media of a meal I made and a friend asked what is my protein source. That question is one I get often,

Braised garlic, onions, peppers, and romaine, with side of yellow squash, zucchini, and cauliflower.#vegan #plantbased


this is the answer I gave my friend who asked what my protein source is, “This particular meal was based more on my cravings for the braised veggies than a balanced meal  but believe it or not 100g of Romaine has 1.2 grams of protein – as for other meals my main protein sources are nuts, whole grains, legumes(beans) and tofu. Here are some examples of plant based protein for 100g which is about 3.5oz which is an average portion – walnuts 15g, steel cut oats has a whopping 49g, beans 20g, tofu 8g, vs animal protein (by the way I do occasionally eat animal protein  I am not “vegan” I simply eat plant based for health reasons, which is often also vegan friendly ) chicken has 31g protein but it has saturated fat and cholesterol whereas plant based protein doesn’t have cholesterol, and only miniscule saturated fat. Oh and one more plus is fiber for gut health, cabbage has 2.5g, walnuts have 7g, steel cut oats 1g, and beans have 16g dietary fiber per 100g serving, but tofu only has 0.3g and chicken is 0g, so I make sure I get those beans, grains, and nuts in my meals.”

I will add to this page over time to list some common foods protein and fiber content and some resources to use to find more detailed nutritional information.


See the page that this post originated from Protein Sources for Plant Based Eating – plus some fiber information


Jackfruit tree and fruit – new page added

To see the Jackfruit Trees that I grew from seed, see the pictures of the progression from seed to three gallon potted young jackfruit trees in the complete article here https://maggiescornerdotorg.wordpress.com/recipes/jackfruit-trees-and-fruit/

I sprouted them in the spring of 2017 to raise for the Santa Rosa County Master Gardener Oktoberfest Auction that will take place October 11 at 10am at my local extension office. I attended Master Gardener training in 2009 and I have been involved with the program since then. For more information on the program click on this link for the Santa Rosa County Florida Master Gardener Program

Picture Credit: Ian Maguire, UF/IFAS TREC

I grew the Jackfruit Trees from seed that I saved from a jackfruit that I bought at Bien Dong in Pensacola. Jackfruit is an amazing food! I enjoy the sweet fruit parts of the jackfruit as shown in this picture of the person cleaning a jackfruit.



I also make a shredded barbecue from the “meaty” part that some call pith. See the previous picture of the jackfruit that shows the “pith” that surrounds the sweet fruit part that contains the seeds. Once that pith is cooked it resembles in taste and texture the real meat barbecue but without the animal fat and cholesterol. Click on picture of BBQ Pulled Jackfruit to go to the website and see recipe. I also like to use Jackfruit in cooking Boston Baked Beans instead of salt pork, it is unbelievable mouthfeel of salt pork in the beans!




Jackfruit: Artocarpus heterophyllus

Click on pictures to see http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/mg370

The jackfruit tree is in the same family as breadfruit, fig, and mulberry. It typically grows 30 to 40 feet tall in south Florida, the fruit typically weighs between 10 and 30 pounds each. It has been grown in Florida since 1886.  Care must be taken during winter in areas that are subject to freezing temperatures.

Propagation: Jackfruit is a monoecious species but with separate male and female flowers on the same tree. The male fruit is smaller and once it pollinates the female fruit it rapidly decays. Jackfruit may be propagated by seed, grafting, and cuttings. In some areas, seed propagation is still used. Jackfruit from seed may be more precocious than many other fruit, and trees may begin production in the 3rd to 4th year.

Climate: The jackfruit is well adapted to the hot humid tropics. Jackfruit grows well in the humid subtropical climate of south Florida along the coastal areas where there are only occasional freezes. Optimum growth and production occurs in continuously warm areas.  Jackfruit leaves may be damaged at 32°F (0°C), branches at 30°F (-1°C), and branches and trees may be killed at 28°F (-2°C).

Credits and Sources:

Picture Credit: Ian Maguire, UF/IFAS TREC
Publication HS882 online at EDIS: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/mg370

See entire article at Jackfruit Trees and Fruit 

Brown Linen Jacket Now Has Pockets

My brown linen jacket is actually a blend of cotton and linen. I love the feel and comfort of this jacket but I’ve wished for many years that it had pockets. I don’t know why I haven’t added pockets before but glad I finally got around to it. I love the material I chose for the pockets. I think a blouse with collar would be quite attractive in this fabric, don’t you?

material for pockets on my brown linen jacket is a cheerful herb theme with echinacea flowers

My brown linen jacket before the pockets.


My brown linen jacket withe front outside pockets.


My brown linen jacket showing inside pockets.