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I have decided to try fundraising to help pay for foster care of the animals I rescue. I have online shops where I sell tutorials and custom made items. I will use part of the proceeds to help pay the costs I incur rescuing and fostering animals. I am doing this as an individual, I’m retired and living on social security so every little bit helps. Please consider buying something from one of my online stores, or if you would like to give a gift for the rescues you can send to my PayPal, any amount will be appreciated. Easy way to pay or send money –

All tutorials in my Tutorial shop were written by me to show how I make the custom order items that I sell in my Etsy shop

This is my shop where I sell the items I make

This is Tango – he will be 8 years old December 18, 2017. See the video on Youtube. He is such a sweet boy. Click on this picture to go to Tango’s page to see all his pictures. 

I have been an animal lover all my life and over the years I’ve had many pets of my own. I’ve taken in animals over the years and either kept them for my own or found a home for them. In 2012 I started dog sitting Tango, a Brindle male dog. In 2014 I started keeping Tango for extended periods of time. I never boarding Tango but I was reimbursed for dog food and other costs such as Trifexis. I have two Labradors that are rescues that I have raised since they were pups, they will be 12 years old December 5, 2017. I have them both on Trifexis and any dog that I dog sit at my home must be on Trifexis or a similar medication.  In early March 2017 I took Tango in and despite my many attempts to contact the owners they have not responded. I ended up with flea infestation because Tango wasn’t taking Trifexis so I ended up giving him some of my dogs Trifexis and I spent money to spray and fog the house which I will continue for several months.

Tango’s owner had been storing some personal property in one of my buildings on my property. They left in April and I didn’t go into the building for a couple weeks because they had changed the locks and I thought they would return for the rest of their stuff, they left a huge mess of discarded items including trash and garbage. Despite my many messages that I left them on their mobile phones, email, and certified mail I sent to their permanent address they had given me, they didn’t respond. When I did enter the building through a window that I pried open I was disgusted with rotting garbage and open sewer smells because they had ripped out sinks and left the sewer pipes open. I also found a turtle in an aquarium. That is another long story but I did foster the turtle and was able to get him into a program that takes invasive species. They have a great habitat where they can live a peaceful life with other turtles.    #pets #rescues #petrescue #petfoster #dogrescue #turtlerescue #turtle #catrescue

Turtle I rescued is Red Eared Slider – it took me a few months but I finally found a good home for him.