How to Have a Home Hosted Kombucha Party

Learn to make Kombucha – Host a Kombucha Party at your Home 

The Party will last about 2-1/2 hours but could go over depending on the individual plan of the host or hostess. Some host/hostess may want to turn it into a pot luck dinner party or other such party.

Please note that if you know how to make kombucha and just want a SCOBY I usually have plenty in SCOBY hotels waiting for a new home, so just ask. 

My Standard Service Area:

Pensacola, Milton, Pace, Navarre, and Gulf Breeze Florida.

Other areas will be considered – ASK ME

Attendees Required: (does not include host/hostess)

Minimum: 6,      Maximum: 10

**Cost per attendee: $5  (Host/Hostess doesn’t pay)

**Cost is to be paid in advance and is not refundable – this is to cover my travel expenses and costs for printing the literature and other items provided for the educational instruction that I will present during the kombucha party.  

I will give a payment link that can be paid online by each attendee or the host/hostess can collect and pay me.  All fees must be paid 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled party. 

What is included:

  1. Demonstration of making kombucha – we will make a batch of kombucha during the party and the host/hostess will keep that batch of kombucha. It will ferment over a two week period and then I may return to help the host/hostess bottle the kombucha if prearranged. I will be available to host/hostess by phone during the fermentation period for any questions.  The host/hostess shall furnish all materials and equipment needed which includes the brew vessel, tea, sugar, filtered water, and the bottles with lids. A list will be furnished and discussed when party is booked. I can arrange to loan or sell some of these items to the host/hostess. Attendees may be invited back to participate in a tasting and bottling party but this is up to the host/hostess.
  2. During the Party there will be tasting of kombucha and other naturally fermented and flavored drinks that I will furnish. I may also bring samples of fermented foods but this depends on availability at the time of the party.
  3. Each attendee will receive a SCOBY – (Symbiotic Community of Bacteria and Yeast) – this is the mother that is needed to make kombucha.
  4. During the party I will briefly discuss the history, theory, and health benefits of fermented drinks and food.
  5. During the party I will supply handouts to attendees with kombucha and other fermented drink recipes, as well as additional reference information.
  6. I will answer questions during the party and I will give all attendees my contact information and will be available to each attendee by email, text, or phone to answer questions after the party is over.









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