Recycle and Win

There are some feed bags that are more popular than other bags such as the Tucker Goat Feed Bags shown here.

For every 10 Tucker Goat Feed Bags that you recycle with me you will receive one of the totes I make. You can request a tote made from the Goat Feed bag or another bag that I have available.

See the totes in my Etsy Store Here: Maggie’s Etsy Shop Goat Feed Tote

PLEASE NOTE: The feed bags must be in good condition, empty, with no animal excrement or mold inside or outside of the bag. 

 If you have other feed bags or coffee bags that you want to recycle, contact me to see if they qualify for any similar chance to win a tote, or if you want to have a tote made contact me for a price, if you want to make your own I also sell pattern tutorials in my Craftsy Tutorial Shop

I also do some limited sewing for local customers, call or message me for pricing.

Contact me by email at

Fax to 877-272-0446

Contact me by text at 850-816-8674

Contact me leave voice message at 850-816-8674