About Me

I am on a journey – living life – with an ever changing landscape!

“Little changes over time make it seem like we just stopped wanting it instead of giving it up… that’s the best way I have found to kick any unwanted habit.”

~ Author: Maggie Atherton-Leiterman (me)

I love all hand crafting of all sorts, and especially of traditional skills that are becoming a lost art! For me, it is intrinsic for a feeling of well being to make things with my hands. I believe it is vital to our civilization that we keep the traditions of handcrafting in our everyday lives. I am a sustainable living advocate, preservationist of all things homestead, old ways, and handmade, but I do enjoy the modern world, and I believe both worlds can meld into a wonderful coexistence using modern technology to enhance our knowledge and make labor intensive chores faster and more pleasant. Our traditional handcrafts can be enjoyed as a hobby now instead of a household drudgery that it may of been for some in years gone by. A handmade rug, made from all those discarded t-shirts can be enjoyable to make as well as be useful as a bathmat in the shower area or at the mudroom door. A shopping tote made from discarded feed bags can make wonderful durable easy to clean carryalls on market day. A hand knit or crochet pair of socks, slippers, hat, or maybe a lap throw, is a unique and priceless gift to make and to receive. I love all HandCrafting and think of myself as an Artisan and Craftsperson. Weaving has become my obsession. I don’t know which I am more obsessed with, building the looms or weaving on them. I love giving a new life to items that have outlived their usefulness as their original purpose, such as the broom and mop handles that are now my Backstrap and Inkle Looms. Be sure to see all the new weaving – spinning – and other handcrafters website links on my blog sidebar. https://maggiescornerdotorg.wordpress.com/