Pet Rescue – Red Eared Slider Turtle

I am writing this June 17, 2017
I was lucky to catch this picture of him eating – so cute – huh?

Mr Turtle – Red Eared Slider Turtle – May 2017

I live in northwest Florida, USA – near Pensacola. I rescued this turtle in April 2017 when I found him abandoned in a building on my property. I joined some online turtle groups to learn about how to take care of him and to try to find him a forever home. I have learned through one of these groups that in Florida this breed of turtle is a conditional species non native and you must have a permit in order to have this turtle with some exceptions which are if you had the turtle prior to July 1, 2007. So now I think I need to find someone with a permit in order to get this turtle a new home. FWC Regulations  and FWC permit

I rescued this red eared slider that was held captive in an aquarium all it’s life, I think he is about 10 years old. I call him Mr Turtle. I am fostering Mr Turtle and actively seeking a new home where he can be in an outdoor protected habitat with others of his kind. I have made a temporary habitat in a clear plastic container larger than that aquarium that he was abandoned in. He pooped out those aquarium rocks for over a month! I have two of these plastic containers and I alternate every few days so I can clean out the dirty one and was shocked the first time I dumped the container to clean it and found several of the aquarium blue rocks! The poor critter was probably eating rocks trying to find food in that aquarium I found him in. They left him in a building without telling anyone – they left April 18, 2017 – I found him 11 days (April 29, 2017) after they had left him! I have contacted many local rescue groups and been joining online groups hoping to find someone in my area that has outdoor habitat for their turtles who might give Mr Turtle a good home, and where I can go see him and be sure he is being cared for properly.
I worry that at his age, and being a captive who has been living without other turtles, maybe he wouldn’t be able to adapt to an environment with several turtles. He is considered an invasive species here in my area but I read their native habitat is Mississippi and parts of Alabama. I wish I could set him free up in his native habitat but I wouldn’t do it because he has been living as a captive all his life so he wouldn’t survive being in the wild.
If you read this and can offer a solution please contact me.
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