HR 4919 micro chipping Americans

This is scary to me that this bill passed and I never even heard about them voting on this. It makes micro chipping Americans legal.
Have you noticed what a big push the medical community has been doing to try to get everyone involved in mental health?
I read this “H.R. 4919, which passed 346 to 66 in the lower chamber, mandates the U.S. attorney general award grants to law enforcement officials so that those agencies can create, establish and operate “locative tracking technology programs.” The bill was approved by a margin of almost 300 votes which means that it had support from representatives in both parties. I looked at the Representatives that voted on this and my Representative Jeff Miller voted yes for this! Now it goes to the Senate and I will be writing my Senators to let them know how I feel about this, please do the same. Here is link to the Senate find your Senator and write them before they vote on this bill 4919 and if your Representative for for it write them as well and tell them how you feel.
This bill gives authority to law enforcement agencies to decide who is micro-chipped and who is not based on their mental soundness and that is a recipe for disaster. Though the bill specifically mentions those with Alzheimer and autism, how long before these tracking programs are extended to those with ADHD and Bipolar disorder among other officially recognized disorders? Even the dislike of authority is considered a mental disorder known as “Oppositional Defiant Disorder.” “ I know I am going to start writing my representatives about this bill.
Here is what part of it says:
(a) Amendments.—Section 240001 of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (42 U.S.C. 14181) is amended—
(1) in the section header, by striking “ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE PATIENT” and inserting “AMERICANS”; and
(2) by striking subsection (a) and inserting the following:
“(a) Grant Program To Reduce Injury And Death Of Missing Americans With Dementia And Developmental Disabilities.—Subject to the availability of appropriations to carry out this section, the Attorney General, through the Bureau of Justice Assistance and in consultation with the Secretary of Health and Human Services—
“(1) shall award competitive grants to health care agencies, State and local law enforcement agencies, or public safety agencies and nonprofit organizations to assist such entities in planning, designing, establishing, or operating locally based, proactive programs to prevent wandering and locate missing individuals with forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, or developmental disabilities, such as autism, who, due to their condition, wander from safe environments, including programs that—” see more at the congress link
See a news article from 2004
#stopHR4919 #HR4919 #MicrochippingHumans #MicroChipping 

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