New Tutorials in My Shop

These tutorials show how to make the double 32oz and 64oz growler tote. There are 11 pages to each tutorial and many pictures that I took when I was actually making these totes. One page in each of these tutorials explains how to collect, clean, and process the recycled materials to make this tote.

You may make these totes and sell them; however please do not sell or share my tutorials.


My Etsy Tutorial Shop 

I have listed these tutorials in my Etsy Tutorial shop in an instant download in PDF format.












My Craftsy Pattern Shop 

I have listed these tutorials in my Craftsy Pattern Store also. It is an instant download in PDF format. If you can’t find them in my Craftsy shop please try back again later, it sometimes takes a day for Craftsy to process the posting.

If you don’t like sewing, or if you don’t sew, but would like these or other totes made from recycled grain bags, feed bags, or other materials that I recycle, I have another Etsy shop where I sell the upcycled totes that I make from many different materials that I recycle. Visit my other shop at


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