My Journey Report 1 – Time to Brag!

One of my goals on this journey was to lower overall cholesterol and my LDL without taking the drugs that the clinic I go to was trying to make me take. I wanted to show it can be done with diet alone and I DID IT! I am extremely happy to report that my cholesterol is now 147, it was 208. I still want to lower further but I am quite pleased with myself and I think I have a right to BRAG!

My LDL is also down to 99, it was 131. Triglycerides is 67, it was 72 – which was already good but 67 is even better! The only thing I don’t like is my HDL went down to 39, it had been 63. As you may recall >60 is a benefit to the heart, but low HDL is not good, so I will be targeting raising HDL without raising the LDL, triglycerides, or overall Cholesterol. I read that eating a strict plant based diet sometimes leads to lower HDL levels.  According to research I’ve read there are many foods that raise HDL and lowers LDL but I’m already eating them, namely olive oil, beans, and whole grains. Something I haven’t been eating lately is animal products; a fatty fish such as salmon once or twice a week is recommended to raise HDL. Also moderate alcohol consumption has been associated with higher levels of HDL.  I think I can add back some animal products to my dietary intake, and I know the first thing I want is a huge fatty fish fillet! I think it’s time to add back some moderate alcohol consumption too, maybe a little glass of vino with that fish!

The chart below is the Ideal range that the medical community uses:

Chemistry normal range
Cholesterol 100-199
Triglyceride 0-149
HDL >39
LDL 0-99

First article for this journey is: Eating Our Way to Good Health



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