Pensacola Bay Brewery 64 oz Growler Tote New Design

As many of you know who follow my blog, I recycle bags for Pensacola Bay Brewery in Pensacola Florida, making them into totes for their gift shop. I line the totes with a material that is also recycled, the lining material helps contain the chill of the cold #craftbeer filled growler for the the trip to your home or other destination.

Here where I live in Florida they finally made it legal in 2015 to fill 64 oz size growlers at Craft Brew Establishments. Before that we could only have the 32 oz and the one gallon size. I had been making the 32 oz and the one gallon size growler totes for Pensacola Bay Brewery, now that the 64 oz can be sold, I designed a new tote to fit that size growler last year (2015) and recently (2016) I came up a better design for the 64oz totes.


I redesigned the 64 oz so that the logos fit better and it is bigger so there is room to add some ice packs.



So what ya waiting for….. take yourself down there and buy a growler filled with your favorite craft brew and buy a tote to carry it in.

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