My First Inkle Loom

(update April 9, 2016)

I can’t believe it has been since 2013 that I made my inkle loom! I thought I would run this again this weekend and add some more pictures.

CIMG0812 CIMG0813 CIMG0814 CIMG0815 CIMG0816 CIMG0817 CIMG0819 CIMG0820 3-ExtendedInkle 4-ExtendedInkle 5-ExtendedInkle 6-ExtendedInkle 7-ExtendedInkle 8-ExtendedInkle 9-ExtendedInkle





















[The article below is from my blog post in October 2013, click on the Source link to see pictures and other links from original article]

I don’t know which I am more obsessed with, building the looms or weaving on them. I love giving a new life to items that have outlived their usefulness as their original purpose, such as the broom…

Source: My First Inkle Loom