Pin Loom Weaving

In January the weaving guild I am a member of started  a  project that required using a pin loom. The chairperson asked for members to make some squares and donate to the cause. I didn’t have a pin loom, nor money in my budget to buy one, but I decided to learn about the loom and perhaps make one. I set about learning about this type of loom and I made several before I finally got to the point I am at now. I watched lots of YouTube videos on how to weave on a pin loom, and I read several forums and blog posts. I finally made one with just straight pins stuck into a cardboard box and I made my first square. I made it with Knit-Cro Sheen, a mercerized cotton thread. You can see it in the picture below, it’s attached to my black and white top. I made that first square into a flower. That is what we are making the woven squares for, to make flowers for a gift bag that our guild is giving. I decided to try making some squares to help with the project, also because this is a good opportunity to learn a new weaving skill; which is why I joined the guild to begin with. Below the first picture is my shirt with the flower I made. I also made a name tag, as you will see in picture, to wear to our guild meetings. The other pictures below are the pin looms I made. I improved my technique as I went along. I learned using solid wood doesn’t work well because a nail into the grain causes splitting. I know engineered wood is better, such as plywood, but I didn’t fancy that material for my loom. I experimented with several nails and finally found a #18 stainless steel nail with brad head that is 1-1/4″ long. I used old books that were destined for the recycle bin. I learned much and am enjoying this weaving project. It is portable enough that it could be packed along on outings same as a knitting project often is. I experimented with many threads and yarns too. I finally decided to make the squares for the guild project from Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, colorway is Parrot.


The flower is made from first pin loom woven square, and the name tag was made on one of my pin looms I made with brad nails and an old book.



First pin loom I made from straight pins and a cardboard box.



I experimented with several threads and yarns as I perfected my pin loom design. The left square is a natural fiber blend with angora, the center is cotton mercerized crochet thread, right is a wool blend in a sock weight yarn. On the loom is cotton yarn and that is when I made my name tag.

On the looms is Red Heart Boutique Unforgetable, colorway is Parrot, see on left the ball of yarn. The other squares shown, some are of same colorway and others are from my first experimental weavings.

On the looms is Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, colorway is Parrot, see on left the ball of this yarn. The three shown above same colorway, the other squares are some that  made in my first experimental weavings. The red flower sitting on the gold square is lovely, don’t you think? I used the gold thread to make french knot center in red flower. I’m thinking I may make these for the fall holidays this year. My granddaughter saw it and said that it reminds her of a poinsettia.

My homemade Pin Loom and the squares I’m weaving for project my weaving guild is doing.


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