Loom Weave Beading Revisited for 2015 Christmas Gift

Over the 2015 October through December hectic handcrafting period when I was knitting and sewing Christmas gifts to finish and mail so that they would arrive on time, I revisited beading on a loom. I wanted to make my granddaughter, Rabeka, a beaded bracelet with her name on it. I also bought a small beading loom for her as a Christmas gift because I thought once she saw the bracelet that she would also want to weave beads. I will say more about that in another post.


The bracelet I made for Rabeka with glass beads on a beading loom.

I use to bead on a beading loom over 30 years ago; believe it or not I still have bead stash from long ago that I purchased when I was in Taos New Mexico while on a skiing trip. I bought many beading supplies and beads at the shops in Taos, beads made from real turquoise, gold fill, stone, bone, porcupine quills, and glass.


My beads from Taos New Mexico.

I must admit that I didn’t use any of them when I made Rabeka’s bracelet but I enjoyed the nostalgic journey looking back and I will start making items with those beads this year as I expand Maggie’s Corner scope of work. I decided to buy glass beads that were colored with a metallic finish because I thought the colors were more to her taste, purple is her favorite color.


The glass beads I made Rabeka’s bracelet from.



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