Some changes in 2016

If you have followed Maggie’s Corner posts on my WordPress blog, Facebook page, or any of my other blogs then you probably know I used to do a monthly newsletter. Last year I got so busy that I stopped doing the newsletters but I didn’t intend to stop for good. Every month I thought I would start again, but the reality is, I have to let some things go because I don’t have the time to do it all. I have also broadened my scope of interest for Maggie’s Corner since I first started recycling the coffee bags and feed bags. I am recycling clothing, bedding, and other rags that would be tossed in the landfill.


fabric strips to make yarn

I’m making yarn from those reclaimed materials. I intend to make rag rugs from those materials on my antique floor loom


My loom

that I was blessed with last year. I want to make the rugs for my own use and for gifts. If I have an overflow of rugs then I may also sell them through Maggie’s Corner. I may also sell the rag yarn that I make but I will probably use it all myself for my own rag rugs. I also made floor clothes from fabric remnants and I want to make lots more of them.

I have also been brewing naturally carbonated drinks and foods that are healthy and full of probiotics, such as the Kombucha, fermented ginger sodas, and naturally salt fermented cabbage and other vegetables.


Fermenting Refrigerator


I am a volunteer in several organizations, and although I have reduced my activities in all of those organizations I still don’t have the time nor the inclination to continue with some, one organization in particular because other members won’t step up and take a turn serving a term of office, some won’t take on the responsibilities that I have been doing for many years and so have many other members who have served before me and don’t want to take it on again. So I find myself with a dilemma because I feel I’ve served in these positions long enough and I don’t want to continue. My health issues do play a role but in all honesty it isn’t the main reason, the main reason is because I want to devote my leisure time to equally worthy 501c3 organizations where the members are all more involved and willing to volunteer to serve, such as Santa Rosa County Cooperative Extension MG and 4H, also my fiber weaving, and spinning guilds, as well as the homebrewing guild. I am also enjoying the last year and a half of my youngest granddaughter’s High School days and I want to spend time doing things like we been doing the last year. I been teaching her to knit and other handcrafts. We also did the bedroom curtains and bedding project that I posted on my blog earlier this month.

In the newsletters last year I wrote about the many projects and repairs around home that needed doing. I will say that is another reason I need to cut down the time I spend volunteering for organizations because my household repairs are an urgent matter this year. In closing this post I will say that at this time I do not plan to publish anymore newsletters for Maggie’s Corner in the near future.






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