Over Christmas Holiday

I’ve been so busy over the holidays that I didn’t post on my blog, so I will try to catch up with this post.

My youngest granddaughter, Rabeka spent the holidays with me and we worked on a project together. Her Dad, my son gave me money for a new bedding set. He had wanted to get her a complete sheet and comforter set in the Disney Frozen theme. That would have been easy except for the fact is her bed is a king. All local stores only carried double or twin size, but online I found an online company named ebeddingsets that we could order a king size set that would cost about 80% of the budget. I suggested we look at the fabric stores and see if we could make it but we found out the material would cost more than buying the set from ebeddingsets. So then we brainstormed on many different ideas and after shopping around looking at other material and bedding sets Rabeka decided on a really cute bedding set that actually blended into the Frozen theme as you can see in the pictures below. We got material to make curtains and some Frozen themed material to make pillow covers, we bought pillows too! It was fun project to do together over the holidays.









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