Ginger Kombucha Brewing at Maggie’s Corner

Ginger Buch Brewing at Maggie's Corner

‪#‎kombucha‬ ‪#‎buch‬ ‪#‎ferments‬ ‪#‎santarosacounty‬ ‪#‎pensacola‬ ‪#‎milton‬ See to the right side of picture is kombucha hotels where the SCOBYs hangout until they are needed to brew a batch of Buch. Front and center is the current brew that I combined this morning, it is combination of ginger root ferment and a 15 day kombucha. I started the plain kombucha October 18th, see the jar to left side of picture, that gallon jar contains the reserved kombucha and the SCOBYs from that batch of brew. I combined about 3/4 gallon of the Buch with about a half a gallon of a fermented ginger root starter including the chopped ginger root into the 2 gallon vessel. This is the 2nd ferment and it will brew for about three days and then I will bottle it. I checked the pH of combined brews, it is about 3.2 and I sampled the brew…. Yummy yum yum! It is already delicious and will now build more depth of flavor and Co2. This is by far my best batch since I started making Kombucha! This is the recipe I will repeat over and over again for years to come! If anyone wants to make their own and need a good SCOBY… I have plenty of SCOBYs up for adoption!

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5 thoughts on “Ginger Kombucha Brewing at Maggie’s Corner

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  2. Hi Maggie, this is the 2nd writing. I am interested in getting a Scoby from you. I love reading about all you do. Gosh I hope that I can get back to doing 1/4th of what you currently do! I have gone through a “rough patch” with health problems (body) and I lost my Scoby that I had waiting on me. I loved my tea and would LOVE to get it started back up again. I would really like hearing back from you and if I could possibly get one from you I would be forever thankful. Darlene

      • Hi Maggie, I am not familiar with WordPress and I could not find your reply without you leaving the link for it sadly. Yes another sadly I missed the class. I did however read an article that reminded me that if I get a good Organic Kombucha tea I could make my own Scoby. This is what I was doing when I was making it, using some out of what I had made to pour into the new batch that I would start if memory serves me correct. I will have to read up!! I was thinking of looking at Ever’man’s as I do shop there on the occasion. I appreciate your effort & time in writing me back even though I could not “find” the first response and missed the class. You are a lady of many talents and hooray for you! I read all of your personal blog.

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