Recycle – Refurbish – Repurpose – Upcycle – Sustainability

If you follow my blog you probably know that I started Maggie’s Corner to recycle and re-purpose non tradition recyclables. In the early years I was learning and wanted to share my knowledge with others and bring awareness to recycling. I made utilitarian items from non-traditional materials such as PP-5 woven plastic bags such as animal feed  and birdseed comes packaged in. I also recycled the laminated foil and plastic vacuum packed bags such as coffee ToteMulti-2 is packaged in.  I also recycle cloth from discarded clothing. I have broadened my scope for Maggie’s Corner  to include sustainability which encompasses all the many and varied interests I enjoy learning more about such as traditional handcrafting skills that our ancestors used in their everyday life such as spinning yarn, weaving yarn into material, floor cloth making, woodworking, organic gardening, natural preservation of food such as fermentation of drinks and food, as well as home-brewing beer. Through my blog and other social media I enjoy sharing that information with others.

I share my knowledge through articles and through the menus where I list resources. I have had a menu on the sidebar for years that I titled Recycling Resource. It had got pushed down the page toward the bottom of the menus over the years as my interests expanded. Today I was reminded about my blog’s recycling roots by a long time follower of my blog, my sister Pam, when she emailed me links to some recycling resources, so I did some research on the company, Green Gadgets, and found they are part of Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) – I decided to update my blog sidebar menu to include the Green Gadgets link as well as the CEA, “The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) unites 2,000 companies within the consumer technology industry…” check out their link below in the menu I have included for your convenience. I also moved the menu closer to the top of the sidebar menus on my blog.

When you visit my blog on the Home Page  the top of the page is a menu for the pages on my blog, but on the right sidebar, as you scroll down to read the articles I write, you will find many separate menus that I have made with titles such as RECYCLING RESOURCE, BREWING RESOURCES- COFFEE – BEER – AND MORE, MY FAVORITE FIBER ARTS BLOGS INCLUDES SPINNING AND WEAVING, ANIMALS – PETS – RESCUES AND RESOURCES, and many other menus that I hope you will go check out. Under the title is the links for the many websites that I saved to share with others – like you – and for my own reference because it is a handy way to organize all of my own bookmarked or favorite pages. I have made menus to sort the websites by category or subject matter. [ added information – 1-18-16 – I discovered that when viewing my blog home page on the new smart phone that I got for Christmas 2015 the sidebar menus do not show on the right sidebar, you have to scroll way down in order to see them. I logged into my blog administration page from my computer and set for mobile friendly and now it limits the posts you have to scroll through so you can get to the menus I spoke of in this blog post ]

I have included the Recycling Resource menu below and I hope you will check out the links and visit my blog to see the many other menus on the sidebar that I have there to share resources I have found over the years. If you find any that have gone bad or are broken please let me know.



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