Busy Summer 2015

I was busy with many things this summer… household, yard chores, and I finally finished restoration on my antique loom. I will post about that project on the weaving page.

I made a new soda flavor using Welch’s White Grape Cherry 100% juice, no sugar added. It may be my favorite although the regular concord grape is a close 2nd! I make the sodas and fermented vegetables for two reasons, #1 is the health benefit and #2 is that it tastes better than any commercial product. Some people think there is a lot of sugar in my homemade soda because the wonderful fruit juice tastes sweet but that is natural sweetness from the fruit and from the ginger root I use to make the starter. The only sugar I add is for the fermentation critters, they eat the sugar and it is consumed by the fermentation process in the same way that it is consumed in the kombucha fermentation process which is what makes the probiotics. I have listed all the scientific and medical sources in previous article that support my statements. For those who haven’t seen my articles on my soda and fermented food recipes, do a search within this website using keyword ferment, fermentation, probiotic, health, or soda to see the many articles I wrote on the subject.

The picture gallery below shows the ferments I did in August and so far in September 2015. I haven’t added descriptions to all of the pictures yet but check back because I plan to add description labels to the pictures later.


Kombucha started 9-7-15. It takes 14 days minimum for fermentation to make the probiotics, after about 3 weeks it starts developing more of a vinegar taste. I like to bottle it or start the flavoring process at about 2 weeks.


SCOBY Hotels

FermentRef2 PreservedLemons-GingerStarter




























White Grape Cherry ginger soda


Sauerkraut on left, fermented daikon radish and carrots on right.














CIMG5252 CIMG5253 CIMG5254 CIMG5255 CIMG5256 CIMG5257 CIMG5258 CIMG5301 CIMG5302 CIMG5303 CIMG5304 CIMG5305 CIMG5306 CIMG5307


































































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