Square Up Update

I said I’d write on the progress of the Square Up issues, so here goes the update. I am now able to link my register to the main account that is synced to my online shop so now I am able to access all the listings that I entered into the Maggie’s Corner Square Up Website  – YEAH!  I have done another test sale using the register linked to the main account and all went fine so no problem using that main account with the register.

As for the duplicated deduction for the one sale done in the erroneously linked account, they still haven’t refunded it but there is a technician working on it. So that is where it stands for now – August 6th 2015.

They have been working with me over the internet and I think in time it will be worked out, I’m just glad I did the test sales of $1.00 to be sure it worked and not a real sale with money I would have been counting on. I will add another update as soon they resolve that payment issue.

Next I want to talk about in this article is about how important I think it is to do the research on any company that offers a similar service as Square Up and PayPal offer. I can only share my own experience with the card processors that I use. I did research some others because some of my readers have sent me messages asking about other companies or saying what a better deal another card processors has. My BS meter starts buzzing when I see a company offering rates much lower than the average going rate. At the end of this article you will find three links – check them out – it’s good research.

As for me, I will be using PayPal and Square Up. I would also use Etsy but the card reader doesn’t work with my tablet. I have tried the troubleshooting and corresponded with Etsy but to no resolution. Since I have Square Up and PayPal already working I’m not going to worry about the Etsy card reader since their customer service doesn’t seem to be that interested in resolving my issue.

Small Biz Survival Article – Ditch your Merchant Account 

Inc. article on alternative companies to process card sales

BBB complaints on EMS (Electronic Merchant Systems) 


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