Square Up vs PayPal vs Etsy

[Report by Maggie]

Here it is July 29th, nearly a week since I wrote about the Square Up Shop. I have had a roller coaster ride of inept technical assistance from their customer service department. If I make any sales by mobile it will be with PayPal not Square Up, at least not until I can get these issues sorted out with Square Up. I will report back in about a week as to the progress. The main issue is the register on mobile used to take sales in person doesn’t sync up with the online shop and the one test sale done from the mobile is still stuck in pending deposits, yet a separate test sale done on the website shop deposited into my bank the next day. I don’t have this problem with PayPal and Paypal fee is 2.7% – a tiny bit less than Square Up. However PayPal doesn’t have a free online shop showcase with shopping cart option, that was my draw with Square Up because I had hoped to show the online shop when I was at events and then do the sale with mobile, or give the link to local customers then take their card in person when they pickup the product. I will continue to try to resolve the issues with Square Up and I will use the website as a way to display the custom made items that I sell but if it doesn’t link to my mobile card reader then it won’t serve the purpose I had hoped it would. Still, it is a free shop showcase with shopping cart, and the fee for online transaction is the same as a card swipe in person 2.75%, and it will deposit into my bank account in a couple days if sold online through the website. The biggest  plus for the Square Up website platform is that there are no listing fees, so it’s got Etsy beat for those features, but the jury is still out on how much traffic the shop will get on the Square Up website vs Etsy website. I won’t be using the Etsy card reader in person sales though because it won’t work with my new tablet!

For those wondering what is the problem with the mobile reader not syncing with the website, here is the lowdown. I recently purchased a new tablet that was on sale, has an Intel processor and everything I had been looking for at a real steal through Sam’s Club! I wanted one that I could use on WiFi – and not tied to a data plan. This is an affordable solution to accept debit and credit cards sales – mobile sales – with a bank card reader. This tablet is running on an Android platform with OS version 4.4.2 which I verified was compatible with the Square Up Card reader before I purchased the tablet. I downloaded the Square Up Register and tried to log in to my existing account that I had previously used with the Square Up Card Reader with my old tablet but I couldn’t log in. That original Square Up account is the one I recently used to make the online shop. When I couldn’t sign in then I ended up somehow making a new separate account – bad news though because it was linked to the first one somehow. I took screenshots and did loads of emailing back and forth with the Square Up Customer service people to no avail. They kept referring to the new account as a separate location but it isn’t because when I am logged into the original account it is not listed in my locations. I have three locations in my original account, and when I am logged into the new one it doesn’t show any of the original account information except if I change anything in the personal information it changes it in the original account and visa versa! The Square Up customer service said the trouble is because the old card reader was tied to a location that is no longer there! When I log in from computer I can see both accounts but on the tablet using the register app it only shows the new one and it shows the bank is verified – yet the deposit has been sitting there as pending for nearly a week! However, the test sale done on the website account deposited next day! I been about to pull my hair out and thinking of complaining to BBB but gonna give it a bit longer. So as I said before, I will report again in about a week.


One thought on “Square Up vs PayPal vs Etsy

  1. I find this very very interesting and recall years back you telling me that I was fortunate that you get into these things first for you learn all the hard spots and then teach me and I don’t have to deal with what you had. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to what becomes of your two accounts and customer service; am very much wanting to start my store with them.

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