Maggie’s Corner on Square Up

I want to share my good news, I’ve opened my Shop on Square Up.

Click on picture below to go to my Square Up Shop but before you do that, read the rest of this article below the picture. Thanks for reading!


I have had my Square Up card reader for several months and have just discovered that I can have a free website on Square Up, and unlike my Etsy Shop, Square Up don’t charge listing fees! That’s right! No listing fees! Also no expiration of listings! And they don’t jack around with your shop layout the way Etsy has been doing. I used to like Etsy and I got lots of traffic but the past year or so it has been awful because they are catering to the pay for ranking scheme. If you decide that you want to get a card reader with Square Up please let me give you an invitation link from me because I will receive referral credit for telling you about Square Up and it is absolutely free to you to get the reader and activate it. Once you activate the card reader then I get recognition from Square Up and you can accept payments from anyone with a debit or credit card. Square Up also has a service similar to Paypal for friends and family to send each other money. Then you can get other people to do the same for you so you will get referral credits.

Here is my invitation link if anyone wants to be able to take debit and credit cards for what they sell and help me get the referral credit:

I will utilize my Square Up Storefront to show off the items I make, and the custom items I have made. Not only can I sell online, but it is actually tied together with my card reader so if I am at a festival as a vendor, or delivering product to a customer, or taking an order for a made-to-order item, it can sync up with my online shop. I’m only charged by Square Up when I sell an item. The rate is 2.75% for a card sale, and that’s it. They do have other rates for sale offline or even without swiping the card but I doubt I will do any sales that I can’t verify at time of sale. I don’t know about you but I have found that sometimes people will buy with a card even if they won’t with cash. It could be because they don’t carry much cash or it could be they want to put it on credit to pay for next month. I think it is well worth the sale for that small percentage especially when I may not have that sale at all if not for taking a bank card, and it is far safer than a check. Think about it, you make a sale of $100 and it costs you $2.75 and the money automatically goes into your bank account, versus maybe no sale at all. Also if the customer is not local then I can have them buy online through my Square Up Shop and still only be charged the 2.75% for that sale. I think Square Up rates are very competitive and probably why more and more startup businesses are opting to use Square Up Register in their shops because it is nearly no startup cost, the card reader is sent to you free and you simply use a compatible smart phone or tablet to plug in the reader and take the order (of course you have to download the Square Up application and sign into your Square Up account, but that’s it! You are up and running taking sales!

I have started entering listings into my Square Up Shop (Storefront) and for now I have the online purchase turned off. That is another advantage over Etsy because if you put Etsy shop on vacation then none of your listing show. I will probably take online sales in my Square Up Shop by September. I’m not taking any new orders at this time but I do want shoppers to find my storefront and communicate with me about items they want me to design for them. I hope to be ready for the Fall Festivals by then too! I try to always plan ahead but I find so many times others don’t. When I was young I used to go to work with my Dad and I remember him telling me that customers don’t realize how much work goes into his craft, he had a large plaque on the wall of his Tile and Marble Shop, it said, “Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.” I like that saying and it is appropriate for our personal life as well as business.


Upcycle Post
Listing fees are 30 cents, expire after four months, and transaction fees are 6% charged when sold.

listing costs $0.20 – expires in four months, transaction fee is 3.5% when sold.

Square Up
no listing fee and 2.75% transaction fee

transaction fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per sale


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