Heritage Loom 1900s

I got it on Tuesday and been trying to make space for it in the house, it has been in the van since Tuesday. I finally moved it inside tonight, and wanted to show you all.

I am so over the moon I got this loom! I would not have been able to afford to buy even a used one! The week before I was gifted with this loom I was wishing I could get one and then this one came along as a gift. OH I am so lucky! It really is a dream come true! This loom will make it possible for me to weave the same type of rug that is the heirloom rug handed down to me in my family that got me interested in weaving to begin with. I am so thankful for this gift! One day when I am making rugs and other woven items to sell, I must remember to dedicated part of the proceeds to the Museum that gave it to me!

1-HeritageLoom 2-HeritageLoom 3-signage


















CIMG4785 CIMG4786 CIMG4787 CIMG4788 CIMG4789 CIMG4790 CIMG4791 CIMG4792 CIMG4793 CIMG4794 CIMG4795 CIMG4796 CIMG4797 CIMG4798 CIMG4799


2 thoughts on “Heritage Loom 1900s

  1. So so excited. Simply gorgeous sister, what are the flaps on the floor that look like peddles. Can’t wait to see pictures of you using it. Not being dumb but what material type do you use on it.

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