Have a GREAT Weekend!

I am doing a dozen projects at once today – a typical day for me –

I want everyone to know who been following my Save the Family Photos Project on Facebook, I know I didn’t post any photos yesterday. I haven’t forgot the family photo project. I was having trouble with the scanner and laptop, I been planning to reformat the laptop and decided it was time, so after backing up files and pictures I did it. The software and security updates went on and on yesterday and continues today but once completed I will start again scanning and posting a few pictures each day.

White Grape Juice Soda

White Grape Juice Soda made from ginger root starter (ginger bug)

I bottled a 2 gallon batch of soda this morning that I started 3 days ago with my ginger root starter that I had started a week before that. In one to three days it will build up CO2 sitting on the counter then into refrigerator and it will be ready to drink, this batch is white grape.

The last batch of Kombucha has been in refrigerator a few days and it is awesome! It actually tastes as good (maybe better) as my favorite GT’s Gingerade Kombucha.  Oh and I made a new batch of fermented veggies, cabbage, carrots and radishes, plus pineapple ( a loosely based  version of sauerkraut)  in this batch.



I’m working on custom order for Juneau Furpants – my customer’s dog’s name – I have reproduced his picture to attach on back and front panels, similar to the one I did for Misty, another customer’s dog. When I finish I will post pictures.

I still have my loom in my van but hope to bring in this weekend. I been sorting out a place for it in my handcrafting area. I decided instead of moving and stacking all the materials that are piled up on a table to another area that I would actually remedy the problem of why it has been piled on that table. I got some clear storage bins to sort it out and when I do build my much needed storage shelving I will do it to fit the bins. Now I can actually see the materials I use in my handcrafting projects!  I am so excited and so fortunate to have been blessed with that loom! It will be an adventure to get it in weaving condition, but I am thrilled and looking forward to making a rag rug from all these old clothes and bedding I been cutting and stripping into yarn.

Have a GREAT weekend EVERYONE!



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