Heritage Floor Loom from early 1900’s

I am absolutely thrilled! My dream of owning a heritage floor loom is coming true! I am so very thankful I joined my local weaving guild because it was through them that I found out that the Museum was looking for a good home for this Heritage Loom. I will take very good care of it and treasure it! I will also put it to work making many woven items including the rag rugs I been so anxious to make.

I have been given a Counterbalance, 4-harness, 6 treadle, 45″ weaving space hand made loom, probably early 1900’s.  It has a sectional back beam and folds up for storage.  There is an old canvas apron on the front beam with heavy grommets.  There are two reeds, 8-dent and 15-dent (very rusty).  Needs some TLC to fix it up but it is a beautifully detailed loom with nicely carved braces on it.

It is still at a local Heritage Museum, I have to go move it. I haven’t figured out how I can accomplish that task yet but I will find a way!

I will write an article with pictures and all the details soon.





2 thoughts on “Heritage Floor Loom from early 1900’s

  1. I am soooooooo excited for you, I can’t wait to see it and the steps of refurbishing; will you be allowed to fix it up? Can you believe, I bet your in heaven. Oh I’m so happy for you Maggie, prayers all your friends will be able to get it moved. Where will u put that big thing, is there history about it included; mama will be sitting there doing it with you. Yeehaw!!!!!!!!! ❤

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