New Cosmetic Law Changes Buzz

I been reading a lot lately about new cosmetic law changes being proposed and how it will affect the Homesteader type operation selling their handmade soaps or other such products.

The conclusion I reached is that it won’t affect the small homesteader type operation. In Florida our legislation exempts the type of handmade homemade soaps that I buy from local vendors such as my friend Lisa’s soaps, she sells at local events – Lisa has Fainting Grits Farm – she raises the most adorable goats!

Here are the references I used to research the cosmetic law changes buzz – all that I have listed contain good information and are worth marking as a favorite or bookmarking for later use.


I have not included many websites that I found during my research of this subject because I found many to be promoting an alarmist inaccurate propaganda type article riddled with so many inaccuracies that it wasn’t worth my time to comment on their blog page to try to point out the inaccuracies. I found it doesn’t do much good to comment on blog articles such as those anyway because they don’t want to publish accurate fact based information, they only want to grab attention and promote rumors.  A blog on patheos was one of the worst I saw, but as I said I won’t list any actual website addresses to those alarmist type blogs here.


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