Book Review: Fermentation for Beginners

The review I did on Goodreads:

This book, Fermentation for Beginners Fermentation for Beginners is a wonderfully simplistic back to basics recipe book on preserving food the way our forefathers did it! Before I found this book, I started out lacto-fermenting drinks using ginger root that I fermented for a starter and this book is one of the few that use the ginger root as a starter instead of relying only on whey; which is the reason I bought the Kindle version so I could start using it immediately! The pineapple vinegar recipe pleases me to no end to finally have a use for the peel and core of a pineapple! Mine is almost ready to use and I am anxious to use it in the Curtido recipe! Now that I have been using the book and have made some of the recipes, I will be ordering a hard copy for my cookbook library! I will also buy additional copies to give as gifts at holiday! After reading some of the reviews on here [Goodreads] for this book I came to the conclusion that apparently some people don’t know that fermenting is a way of preserving food that goes back hundreds of years, maybe thousands of years, it certainly is not a “fad.”

Many people know Captain James Cook as one of the world’s greatest explorers from the 1800s, but they don’t know that it was he who discovered that fermenting cabbage prevented Scurvy which had previously killed many sailors on long voyages. I have been fermenting beverages for some time now and I did a lot of research before I started because I didn’t want to poison myself or others. When I learned that the good bacteria such as lactobacillus thrive in a pH between 2.5 and 4, and that bad bacteria such as botulism can’t live in pH less than 4.6, I took that as the green light to start fermenting, so I got food/beverage pH kits to test and I test everything now! Our great-grandparents used to preserve food this way and all of the homemade sodas back then were actually healthy, not like the ones mass produced today. As I was doing research on fermenting beverages and food, I read hundreds of scientifically based academic research papers, I came to realize the lacto-ferment process not only preserves food, it concentrates the vitamins contained in the food. I write articles and cite some sources of my research findings such as the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, see articles here:

Read more about fermentation at FOA, Fermented Fruits and Vegetables, A Global Perspective. 


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