Strawberry Soda 2nd batch

I made my 2nd batch of Strawberry Soda and used the rest of my ginger-bug that I been keeping feed and stirred in the ferment coldbox. The strawberry soda batch this time is 2 gallons and I am fermenting it in this new jar I bought at Walmart recently. I bought the jar for continuous brew Kombucha but since my gallon jar of Kombucha is still fermenting I decided to do the strawberry soda in it first. It should take three days and then I will bottle. I am anxious to see how the spout at bottom works for bottling this time. I hope this batch is as good as my first batch! I made this one a bit different and I wrote it in my fermenting diary that I keep for all the beverages and foods that I been fermenting. I used all the ginger-bug starter in this batch so I need to start a new batch of ginger-bug too. I was going to make another batch of pineapple soda but now I have to wait until the new ginger-bug starter is ready.  If any of you have made some fermented sodas too, I’d enjoy hearing about your experience, feel free to leave a comment.

















You may remember I made my first batch of fermented strawberry soda last month. If you missed that post you can find it here: Old Fashioned Homemade Strawberry Pop

Update 4-28-15

Only day one but the foam was so much on top when I stirred it today that I decided to put some in bottles. I tasted it and I can taste the fizz, and that great #lacto-fermented beverage taste, but I just don’t know if the #probiotic benefits are there this early. Since the starter, the ginger-bug, has been lacto-fermenting since mid March I know there are some probiotics in the brew.



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