Earth Day Art Show Exhibit at Everman Cooperative

I am proud to announce that one of my totes made from recycled material is in the Earth Day exhibit at Everman Cooperative in Pensacola Florida. They are celebrating today, Saturday 18, 2015.


Here is a pictorial gallery of how I made the tote for the Earth Day Exhibit.

CIMG4528 CIMG4527 CIMG4526 CIMG4525 CIMG4524 CIMG4523 CIMG4522 CIMG4521 CIMG4520 CIMG4519 CIMG4518 CIMG4517 CIMG4516 CIMG4515 CIMG4514 CIMG4513 CIMG4512 CIMG4511 CIMG4510 CIMG4509 CIMG4508 CIMG4507 CIMG4506 CIMG4505 CIMG4504 CIMG4503 CIMG4502 CIMG4501 CIMG4500 CIMG4499 CIMG4498 CIMG4497 CIMG4496 CIMG4495 CIMG4494 CIMG4493 CIMG4492 CIMG4491 CIMG4490 CIMG4489 CIMG4488 CIMG4487 CIMG4486 CIMG4485 CIMG4484 CIMG4481 CIMG4470 CIMG4469 CIMG4468 CIMG4467 CIMG4466 CIMG4465 CIMG4464



I will create a tutorial on how to make this tote and it will be offered in my new Etsy Tutorial shop and on Craftsy.


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