Kimchi update

When I made the two kinds of kimchi last month I posted an article called Kimchi: a fermented vegetable side dish since then I have come to understand that kimchi is not just a side dish it is also considered a condiment that is served with most every meal in Korean cuisine. I said I would update that article when I tasted it and I did that today.


My fermenter refrigerator


The Kimchi sits next to my ginger bug starter and all the fermented drinks I made with the ginger bug starter.



This is my home made risotto made with wild rice – short grain brown rice – pearled barley served with both of my kimchi fermented side dishes [condiments] –  and the one on the left is the bok choy cabbage  kimchi and on the right is the naphtha cabbage kimchi.







The is the naphtha cabbage kimchi from the large jar. It is YUMMY!























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