April Newsletter published

Read all about it!

The April newsletter is published and you can read it online now by clicking HERE

A few highlights are:

Current Programs:

  • Totes made from Feed Bags and Coffee Bags Program
  • Broom Handles to Looms Program
  • Rags to Rugs Program
  • Tutorials on How-To process and make the totes from recycled materials Program
  • Textile Remnants to Floorcloths Program

Current Projects:

  • Studio and Workshop Project
  • Nursery Greenhouse Project
  • Garage Workshop Project

Highlights for the April newsletter:

At the Desk:

  • I finished another Pattern-Tutorial for the 5- Panel lined tote Edition 2, see Featured Article this month.
  • I reviewed many listings to update the new Etsy category thing they did, and now they have changed the listings format too so that will take more time.
  • Free-motion quilting and photo transfer techniques that I mentioned last month, I been studying GIMP, and open source software
  • [ for more read the newsletter)

Around Town:

Plans for the April Earth Day at Navarre Library and Ever’man Cooperative invited me to be in their Earth Day Tribute to Artisan’s work who work in upcycled materials.

Harold Florida Swap Meet, Lisa of Fainting Grits Farm Goat Milk Soap is AWESOME! GoatMilkSoap

I been using it and my homemade moisturizer, both in combination have cleared up and kept away the psoriasis that my dermatologist had given me steroids to treat, this soap and my moisturizer has eliminated the need for the steroid cream. Lisa also saved feed bags for me and I make totes from the feed bags.

In the Studio:

New hamper design for Paula Gilling



[for more see the newsletter]




On the Back Deck:

[for more see the newsletter]

Gardening Endeavors:


Edible Ginger nodes I planted.








In the Kitchen:



Spent Grain Focaccia Bread I made with my own spent grain flour that I made from my English Ale whole grain homebrew recipe – Nutcastle. The toppings on the bread are Kalamata Olives, roasted tomatoes and roasted red sweet peppers.

[for more see the newsletter]


In the Garage Workshop:

[for more see the newsletter]

Featured Article of the Month:

[for more see the newsletter]

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