Pineapple Fermented Soda

If you’ve been following my posts you know I’ve been making fermented sodas from a starter I made, called ginger-bug. See links at the end of this post for the other posts.

I made the syrup by simmering a whole fresh pineapple that I cut up in about 4 cups of water with about 1-1/2 cups of sugar on Sunday [3-23-15] strained out the pineapple chunks, and after it cooled to room temperature I added a cup of ginger-bug starter and filled it up with spring water to make about a gallon, then I poured it into the jars. I stirred several times a day for 3 days to oxygenate and aid in the fermentation of the pineapple soda. Keep the pineapple chunks for adding to cereal or smoothies or toss into stir fry.

day1pineapple1 day2pineapple






Then after 3 days I bottled it today, Thursday  [3-26-15]

CIMG4353 CIMG4354 CIMG4355










I will leave the bottles out overnight to let the fizz build up and probably refrigerate it tomorrow. You can see the foam forming in the top of the bottles.


Links to other posts about fermenting drinks.

What is ginger-bug

Making Strawberry soda

Bottling Strawberry soda 





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