Kimchi: a fermented vegetable side dish

I put my first batch of kimchi together over the weekend.  It is supposed to be ready in 2-3 days to eat and move to refrigerator, I’ll do an update to this post then.


The Bok Choy Kimchi

I made some with the baby Bok Choy  CIMG4287





The Chinese Cabbage (Napa Cabbage) Kimchi

I made the other with the Napa Cabbage  CIMG4288CIMG4315




I used large daikon radish (that was largest daikon I ever saw! It was about 3″ diameter but was very good juicy and sweet. I couldn’t find the Korean radish that I was looking for but I have located a source for seed and I think I will start growing them.  CIMG4294 CIMG4298 CIMG4309

I also made some chili paste with the root veggies, red peppers, kosher salt, and soy sauce.

CIMG4310 CIMG4311  CIMG4313 CIMG4314


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