Bees March 2015

It has been a busy morning at Maggie’s Corner today.

If you follow my posts you know I had bees in the old house on my property last year. Well there were more that were in a different section of the wall we missed seeing last year.


Queen cell capped off.

This hive, according to Clarence is about 4 to 5 years old and I can see that myself because of the look of the wax, I learned that bit last year. There were multiple queen cells and one huge one is capped off. Take a look at this beauty!

CIMG4319 CIMG4320 CIMG4321 CIMG4322 CIMG4323 CIMG4324 CIMG4325 CIMG4326 CIMG4327 CIMG4328 Quite interesting the way Clarence took the combs from the house wall, then placed the comb directly into the hive box frame. They will have their own hive comb when they get to his place to live in!

CIMG4329 CIMG4331



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