Lightbulb Years of Life

When you buy lightbulbs do you ever look at the “Years of Life” statement on the cardboard container they are packed in? Did you notice the ** after the statement? Did you go look to find what ** is trying to tell you? About a month ago, all the cheap bulbs were sold out and so I decided to get one pack of GE 2X Longer Life bulbs. CIMG4282 Although they look like my cheap bulb version the box states that they are modified spectrum general purpose halogen bulbs. I decided that since I paid double the price of the old cheap bulbs that I would do a test this time to see if these bulbs really last as long as they say they do.

So as I removed each bulb from the carton, I marked the carton with the date and the bulb with the date. CIMG4285Today I installed the last bulb from the carton, so I took the receipt and put it together with the flattened carton to save in my receipts folder, I file my receipts all by month each year. I was curious today when I gathered my receipt and wrote the information on the empty flattened carton what does that ** mean after the  Years of Life statement? I didn’t have a magnifying glass at the store when I bought the bulbs and that’s what it took to read it! My bulbs years of life is based on 3 hours of use a day. Ah hah! The years of life on these bulbs is 1.8 years, so that is roughly 21-1/2 months.  I use some lights in my house 9 hours a day, others 2 hours a day, so that will require backtracking once those bulbs burn out, but I figured 9 hours is 3 times more use, and doing some basic math leads me to the conclusion my bulb should last about 7 months. This time I am documenting it so I will actually know if the statement on the box is anywhere near accurate.

I use a combination of bulbs in my house, and I do have the spirally looking ones that are supposed to be better for the environment although I have my doubts about those bulbs because they are actually not supposed to go into the landfill, they are supposed to be disposed of as hazardous the same place you are supposed to bring your batteries, yes I said batteries, the ones like for the flashlight or remote control, did you know you aren’t supposed to dispose of those in regular trash bins either? I digress though, I will save that for another article.  Back on track… the lightbulb years of life statement.  Every time I buy new bulbs to replace burned out bulbs, those spirally ones do last much longer, but I still buy the incandescent ones too and those are the ones I am constantly replacing, in fact it seems only a week goes by and I am replacing another one of those bulbs somewhere in the house. I won’t have to wonder anymore, I’m going to date each bulb I install from now on, and I will do an update when I have results.



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