Bottling Day

Today I bottled the homebrew, my first batch of home brew, that I made on February 23rd!

The pictures of the bottled brew are cloudy looking because I had just bottled them, the yeast will settle to bottom as they bottle condition… that is my understanding from my learning and what other homebrewers have told me.

CIMG4267I am so happy and excited with a very warm feeling of accomplishment today. I accomplished something that was probably an everyday thing for my great-great-great grandparents!

I tasted the 1/2 cup that went into the hydrometer and it tastes like brown ale; which is good because that is what I was trying to make. My recipe is called “Nutcastle;” which is a Northern English Brown Ale.  I saved the 1/2 cup of my first brew (except for my taster) in the refrigerator and I will use it in my next spent grain bread batch that I will be making later today.

Today has been a continuation of my learning about beer making. I took a bit more information into my brain database from books and YouTube to remind myself how to interpret the final reading from my hydrometer.

The OG = 1046 and the FG= 1010 so my ABV for this brew is about 5%

OG= original gravity reading before ferment

FG= gravity reading after ferment before bottling

CIMG4268Here the 10 bottles of my Northern English Brown Ale are in a safe place to spend the next two weeks while they bottle condition.


I will wait, I have to be patient!


Here are some more pictures of my beer bottling project today.


Sanitizing the racking cane


Sanitizing the racking cane


Sanitizing bottles


Sanitizing bottles


see hydrometer reading


filling bottles with racking cane (love that auto bottle filler tip)


filling bottles with racking cane (love that auto bottle filler tip)


filling bottles with racking cane (love that auto bottle filler tip)


All filled and capped!


























UPDATE 3-26-15


Drinking the homebrew


Crazy Head


Can you see how clear it is?


Can you see how clear it is?


Head finally going down. See behind the homebrew is my fermented pineapple soda that I bottled today 3-26-15



4 thoughts on “Bottling Day

  1. What fun first batch! Keep in cool place. Our first batch got to Hot. Made it in the summertime. Caps popping off sounded like 4th of July. Got smart next batch. Live and learn!

    • Thanks for sharing your story of your first time bottling your homebrew! Mine is suppose to be bottle conditioned in a range of 68 F to 75 F. I put them in the box and put a board on top and on top of the board I have a 5 gallon bucket of drywall mud. I have the box in alcove near the central AC unit where it enters the house at the utility closet. I also have a thermometer inside the box with the bottles; I check it once a day. I have my AC thermostat set for 76F —- so far… so good

  2. What a wonderful adventure. Hope it tastes as good as it looks and that you can find that cool place in this warm spring.

    • Thanks Carole, it has been an adventure. I been keeping it no warmer than 75 F and no less than 68 F – I am anxious to see how it turns out. When I look at the bottles in the picture it makes me think of unfiltered natural apple juice. I think I will try do some apple soda soon! I started my soda starter today! I’m writing an article on that process soon!

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