Another New Tutorial – I’m on a Roll

It has been awhile since I published new sewing tutorials. I’ve published  two new tutorials this year so far, I’m on a roll! The design of the tote is not new, it is my original 5-panel design but the construction techniques I use to make the tote has transformed over time to a different method than when I started making these totes. All of us that sew  probably progress our methods over time because when we make something over and over again we find tips and tricks to save time or to make the end product better.


When I started out making these totes I attached the lining to each panel individually which makes the inside have exposed seams, but it is more of a melded unit. Over time I started making the lining separate from the outer layer and placing it inside the outer layer so that no exposed seams will show and the lining is attached only at the top band. This type of construction allows the lining to be pulled outside of the bag for easy cleaning and in some cases it could be reversible.

Click on picture to see pattern in my Craftsy Shop


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