New Look on Etsy

I been working on a new look on Etsy.


The stats show less visitors to my shop and I’ve had far less sales this year. I have been using the stats to research visitor’s who visit my shop and the relationship that information may share with promotions that I do on social media. Etsy allows five pictures with each listing and I typically have five pictures of different options or views for the item listed. My Etsy shop is a “Made to Order” store. I rarely have any ready made items. Each of my listings are set up on Etsy’s Handmade – Made to Order – I also state that it is MADE TO ORDER – CHOOSE OPTIONS – PICTURES ARE EXAMPLE ONLY – but I guess some people don’t read listing descriptions; they obviously only look at the main picture and think that is what they are buying. This has been much more prevalent this year 2014 than any year prior.  I have been looking for an answer to this problem; I have tried many different approaches during 2014 such as changing title description, policy page information, listing’s wording, and now I decided to make a main picture that will be more of a shop icon that generically describes what is in the listing. Since I started making the generic picture the main picture, I have reassessed the words in the title because when you can’t see a picture of an item immediately then the words in the title become much more meaningful.

An example of a generic picture is  EtsyToteSquarePic

I hope you will check it out on my Etsy shop and let me know what you think


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